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  1. It is worth to give him a little extra to leave us

  2. Too bad his shyster of a son can't be removed from his office. Oh yeah, I forgot--the City of Carmel gave them economic incentives to build their house of cards at Clay Terrace. Mark my words--there will be an article here in IBJ someday about their ultimate demise....

  3. Ive noticed over the years the people that say Indiana sucks fall into 2 areas. One is these people are so negative and miserable that they dont realize they need help. 2nd these people tend to be clueless and uneducated.

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  5. Indiana does suck, EB, but not for the reasons Italiano states. No, it has more to do with the fact that the vast majority of people here are simple robots who do whatever they are told, never questioning, never objecting. It's easy to sit here and take potshots at southern states, but the fact of the matter is that YOU are the people who have refused to change, to admit that the post WWII boom that benefited this area greatly was a once in a lifetime short term event that is NEVER coming back, and yet your schools continue to turn out Mr. Ford's worker robots. It's shameful. Rise up, for crying out loud. If you love this state, stop taking what it gives you and make it better or sit back and take it like a man. Your choice.