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  1. Bass Pro Shops would be good for the mall as well as a Giant Eagle Market District or a Jungle Jim's International Market Place grocery store like the one near Cincinnati Ohio.A Disney quest indoor theme park would be good.An Academy outdoor store would be good too.Indoor Circus shows and magic shows would be good as well. A casino with sports bar would be good.A Disney theater inside that shows movies and Broadway shows would work.Nashville Tennessee concert shops with indoor neon lights would be good.How about a theater that shows travel shows and theme parks. A train store would be good.How about a giant toy store with high tech video games.

  2. This development is in addition to Allpoints Midwest 5, Aitrtek, a recent FedEx and more in Plainfield. Greenwood and Brownsburg also have similar projects.

  3. Jimmy Irsay is still walking the street a free man, no drug charges not a one...

  4. If the CTRWD had notified neighbors about the plan. It didn't. Instead, the CTRWD offered what amounts to a bribe to the church and threatened eminent domain if the church didn't comply. Everyone agrees that there needs to be a solution, but there are many options that don't include above-ground tanks.

  5. Yes we seem to have no budget constraints for performing arts, Keystone construction, developer subsidies yet we're willing to build an eyesore in peoples backyards (and nicely visible from Keystone). I'm with Mayor Brainard on this - run a new line. It will be underground and not visible to those with easements.