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November 30, 2007
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Wishing WellA final discussion question to consider today: What retailers, restaurants or development methods are missing from Indy? Plenty of new names are entering the market, and "green" building seems to be gaining a foothold locally. But if you had to make a wish list, what would be on it? The host of Property Lines, Cory Schouten, is on vacation this week. Live posting resumes Monday. Have a great weekend!
  • IKEA, of course. No joke, actually. I would also love a Costco on the south side, because then I would rarely need to venture to the North.

    Even though I can't really afford it, I would love to see more designer boutiques enter the market. I think we will finally start seeing those soon, because I frankly cannot see what is going to fill up Venu unless Fashion Mall tenants start jumping ship. So, bring on Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, John Varvatos, etc. (obviously, I'm tired of not having many men's stores).

    For retail, I am desperate for a SuperTarget downtown. They have been able to integrate into an urban setting in Chicago. So, there is absolutely no reason why they cannot do it here. Free of the developments that are already touting them as a possibility, I beseech anyone to put one downtown. I love what has been done to O'Malia's, but they still need competition.

    Finally, I am happy to see LEED certification come to Indy. Now, I would like to see a push to convert existing buildings to more environmentally friendly structures. If Chicago can get the Sears Tower to be greener, then we can certainly convert our buildings downtown.
  • I'd like to see a Sweet Tomatoes in Indianapolis. Second on the southside Costco.
  • The Container Store. No idea why this wasn't here years ago.
  • I second The Container Store
  • Have to agree with Nick... I need to be able to shop at a superstore without having to drive out to the burbs.

    Which, along the same lines.... My biggest wish....


  • Better sushi restaurant downtown.... Mikado's sushi is decent, but the atmosphere and decor is disgusting.... Sushi on the Rocks isn't bad either, but every time I'm there with my wife there may be one other couple in the place...

    Isn't Blu Martini putting in a restaurant/bar on Mass Ave and College? Even if so, a nicer full service sushi restaurant in the heart of downtown would be welcomed by me....
  • Bike Lanes
    Improved Mass Transit
    Jamba Juice
    Target store downtown
    Whole Foods downtown
    Apple Store downtown
    Less parking lots
    More street retail
    More street vendors
    More walk-up windows

    The list could go on and on and on and on and I like it here!
  • 1. More bars in Broad Ripple.
    2. Victoria's Secrets merchandise sold at all Starbucks.
    3. IKEA @ Eastgate mall so the gomers can at least look less trashy.
    4. New Jail @ 135 N Penn
    5. The last election proven to be a bad joke.
  • This might be random, and I don't really have a specific restaurant in mind, but I would really like to have a good Chinese bistro downtown. The only thing close is PF Chang's and I have never had a meal there that was not incredibly greasy, diminutive on flavor, and overpriced. Chinese food has so many amazing flavors and we don't have anything downtown to patronize.

    Also I second whole foods, target, ikea, and mass transit.

    In general, more street level retail.
  • I would like

    1. Landmark Cinema.

    2. Affordable, not fast food, dining.

    3. Macy's or Bloomingdales at Circle Center.

    4. Whole Foods or Sunflower Market.

    5. Target, regular or super is fine.

    6. MASS TRANSIT to get around the central city.

    7. LA Fitness
  • TommyBoy said:
    Mikado’s sushi is decent, but the atmosphere and decor is disgusting….
    Disgusting?! In what way? Granted the prices are (too) high. I've always thought the room was quite elegant/dramatic. For me, the service has always been the low-point (being ignored by gabbing waiters and having to track down the server to even get the check). But the food quality and atmosphere have been enough to get me to return.
  • A phenomenal thai restaurant downtown. That would make me very happy for awhile.
  • 1 - Mass transit... citywide spokes to downtown -- not just from north I-69 corridor!
    2 - fitness facility in my employer's building!
    3- Best Buy downtown
  • They suffered fire damage a couple years back and it still smells like a dirty old shoe..... Every time I've been back they have either a fan running near the side door or a dehumidifier trying to dry the damp carpet...

    I love their sushi, but just decide to order takeout from there now...
  • 1. A REAL mass transit system, powered by electricity
    2. A REAL mass transit system, powered by electricity
    3. A REAL...

    Notice a theme? The people of this city need to get their head out of their asses and demand progress on this issue. Otherwise, as our oil supplies dwindle (and that's a cold, hard reality we have to face) a city without public transit will cease to exist as a city of any importance.
  • I agree with some of the posts already on here. Mass transit is definately the biggest issue in terms of downtown usefulness. It's a big JOKE downtown doesn't have a viable mass transit system. With all the attractions in different areas of downtown... and considering how large the downtown area is... it is quite large. It's just amazing to me that a freaking monorail or some type similar to Clarian isn't in place at all. Just imagine the connections from the Union Station with tracks going out to Mass Aven, Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, Near North, IUPUI, White River Park, Southside area....

    On the other hand. I am seriously baffled with the vacant Illinois Building. WHY isn't that building being used???? A bloomingdale's or MACY'S there would be a great location. Considering the already established healthy businesses nearby (The Block, Hilton, Bucca di Beppo, Circle Centre, etc...)

    IKEA would be very nice to have in Indy as well. More men's clothing stores. Why not a Virgin Megastore in downtown? I think Venu should try to lure Neiman Marcus or bloomingdale's to their shopping complex. That would be very nice competition with Nordstrom and Saks across the street, but at the same time, it will level out real well.
  • Landmark is already here: in the Fashion Mall. :)
  • North side Barcelona Tapas and Brazilian Churrascaria restaurants.
  • Burberry clothing store, Tesco Supermarkets, & IKEA
  • the college world series every summer... that could easily become one of the coolest events in the city.
  • Equal retail on the eastside:
    No major bookstore,
    No major housewares store,
    No organic grocery,
    Not even a TJMaxx.
    Too tired of spending gas money to go to Greenwood.
  • I wish for a viable reuse of the old City Hall at 202 N. Alabama St., formerly the Indiana State Museum, and presently the Interim Central Library.

    This building has an interesting past. I still remember when the ISM moved out and the City realized that it owned the building. What a windfall. The Peterson administration explored several ideas for adaptive reuse, even moving courts and/or city-county offices into the building after the Central Library reopened. Nothing seemed feasible.

    The interiors are probably too elegant and formal to facilitate office space or down-market uses, but there are certainly many options for formal uses such as courts, banquets, museum space, etc. It will be interesting to see what the new administration can do with this historic gem.
  • Attraction of a soccor governing body along with annual regional and national championship games in the new Lucas Oil Stadium.
  • Several times, the city has run transit in the downtown area (remember the trolleys) and later the Blue Line (now discontinued). Ridership isn't there. Perhaps some of it is due to promotion. But for most, it's just too easy to jump in the car and go.

    Regarding oil supplies, if our hare-brained Senate would cool their heels on environmental terrorism and allow for drilling, we could have already become energy dependent.

    A monorail system running downtown and to neighborhoods, nice idea in Disneyworld, but there's just no way it can be cost efficient. People talk about mass transit, but the ideas are just not feasible.

    Dustin - perhaps you should buy a little rickshaw and pull people around town in it. You could get a car or two off the streets, make some dough, be less frustrated and angry, and know you did something positive for mankind, not to mention getting in great shape!!!
  • Landmark is in a different time zone. ;-) I want a downtown arthouse cinema.


    1. Design Within Reach
    2. Camper Shoes
    3. Apple

    1. Thai
    2. Sushi/Japanese
    3. (More) Indian

    Development Methods

    1. Better Sidewalks/Pedestrian Culture downtown. (Some of our roads don't even have them). The regional center should have a minmum of 10' wide sidewalk space. These little 5' strips next to the 4 and 5 lane downtown highways like Delaware, Michigan, Pennysylvania, and New York streets have got to go. I'd like to see most of downtown bricked like the area around the circle.
    2. High-Rise 30+ stories
    3. Mixed-Use
    4. APARTMENTS. There are very few attractive options for the affluent renter downtown.
  • Several times, the city has run transit in the downtown area (remember the trolleys) and later the Blue Line (now discontinued). Ridership isn’t there. Perhaps some of it is due to promotion. But for most, it’s just too easy to jump in the car and go.

    Develop all of the surface parking lots and charge $30/day to park your car downtown like most cities and ridership will increase. The lack of viable mass transit in Indy is absurd.
  • Dustin - perhaps you should buy a little rickshaw and pull people around town in it. You could get a car or two off the streets, make some dough, be less frustrated and angry, and know you did something positive for mankind, not to mention getting in great shape!!!

    I want to congratulate berwickguy for his inane attempt at a guffaw. To subjectively assume a person out of shape based on their viewpoints on the severe lack of mass transit, is synonymous to a little 5 year old brat calling another child a brat. In addition, your advice for me getting a rickshaw and use it as a form of employment merely points out the lack of mature debate skills you have berwickguy. Enjoy your macaronni and cheese little child.
  • berwickguy is a troll, plain and simple. All he does is attack other posters. Not fair.
  • How are you E.R.H.? I'm sure you and I are among the very few of us here with a free spirit sense of things in life, as opposed to berwitchguy. :)
  • EVMS signs downtown... seriously.
  • I thought of another....

    4 - Open wireless access in downtown Indy.
  • All I want for Christmas is a Target downtown.....and and Apple Store, oh and a decent grocery and...and...and

    Can we just move Keystone downtown so I don't have to go there all the time?

    As for transit, let's fix what we've got now before we expand. Clean, on-time (not early, not late) buses with professional, courteous driver who consistently apply and follow the rules they are subject to.

    Finally, a decent 2-bedroom apartment with a full sized kitchen that doesn't cost my entire months salary downtown.
  • There used to be a Container store at Keystone Crossing years ago but they needed more space to expand and the mall would not give it to them so they left. I would like more sit down restaurants in the glendale/keystone corridor also more retail like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Fashion Bug and The Avenue in that corridor as well. Downtown could use some more street level retail especially on Washington street. The old Meadows area should be razed and they could use the land for an office park.
  • I would like to see:

    An art cinema on Mass Ave
    Apple Store downtown
    An expansion of direct flight service with the new airport
    Another department store downtown (probably not for several years)
    More street level/free standing retail downtown
    Improved bus service that runs more frequently (i.e. not on schedules)
    A lively downtown student population
    Another concert venue
  • berwickguy, the Blue Line is still running downtown. As is the Red Line. There certainly is ridership.
  • SuperTarget downtown - Yes!

    Downtown Indy is in dire need of a sports/health club. NIFS is too far west for walking/skyway traffic. I don't even care if the rates are a little higher. LifeTime Fitness is a name that comes to mind - for those of us that don't want to drive to Carmel every time we want to work out. I just don't get it.
  • The Blue Line is being shut down at the end of the year.
  • Any cultural districts such as:

    1) Little Italy
    2) Chinatown
    3) Japantown

    Any cultural neighborhoods where there is a combination of restaurants, grocery shops, stores and festivals that would give some flavor to the bland districts down town.
  • xelint, Indy will never have any of those areas. We do, however, have a Little Mexico!
  • xelint, I totally see your point. But it is very unlikely that Indy will ever become cosmopolitan enough to support deep rooted neighborhoods like those you listed. This is another reason why I am not moving back to Indy, because I like LA better. When I am in Chicago, I hate Indy. When I'm in New York and Philly, I hate Indy again. But when I'm Indy, at the time, I enjoy it for what it is, but just can't imagine living the rest of my life in a city so devoid of the many things a real city has.
  • Thanks to everyone for the great discussion while I was out of the office!
  • I too demand mass transit/light rail. Start with a line to and from the Northside AND Airport. Connect it at Union Station and be done with it.

    International Flavor. Indy is really vanilla and in order for the City to really makes progress, we need to be more of a melting pot. We should be doing all we can to get more foreigners here!
  • I agree that Indy will never materialize ethnic neighborhoods as an evolution of immigration but everything else in Indy is a planned element why not an ethnic zone?

    I too have lived in large cities on both coasts that have strong melting pot communities but Indy does have there own immigrant populations they are just not from the same traditional communities that we know from other cities. Since I have lived here I have encountered a large immigrant population from Africa, Europe and Mexico that Indy could embrace and expand upon for an ethnic identity.
  • If we have a Little Mexico in Indy, then why isn't it dignified in the urban core of the city? Wouldn't you think that would make sense? Like in Chicago... There is Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy... all within the city boundaries... in or near downtown core...
  • I see your point xelint. My estimation is that the city planners are too concerned about redevelopment when it comes to making even more money... Condos, hotels, sporting venue buildings, such such such. Of course, I see the trail cultural trail taking place, but think about that one for a bit. Would the city have invested time and money to do such a thing like that without the hefty donation from the family? NO, I doubt it. I feel the mindset of Indianapolis's city planners is very one tracked and conservative.
  • ^^^ it is near the city, its on west washington street just west of dt lol... It is in the city and from the zoo it is a two minute drive west. I love lil mexico in the city one of my favorite places to go and eat.
  • #1. Multi-use redevelopment of old MSA space
    #2. Re-zone, redevelope (industrial/commercial) east Washington Street in relation to (supposedly) new interstate ramp configurations. The 'National Road' should be spared the decayed look this city has allowed for 6 decades.
    #3. The actual beginning of rail--somewhere. 30-years of focus groups and discussion is enough.
    #4 IBJ's graphic mock-up of all the new proposed downtown projects set against actual structures to see how it might appear.
  • My vote:

    1. Pei Wei Asian Diner (owned by pf changs-takeout/diner)
    2. Potbelly's Sandwich
    3. Brueggers Bagels
  • Wish List:

    1. Market-driven green development. There are aspects of green redevelopment that make a lot of economic sense in the old city, and there are people who would prefer to have lower-impact homes and offices if given a choice.

    2. City subsidies ONLY for LEED-certified commercial projects.

    3. HUD subsidies ONLY for housing development that meets green specs for efficient construction, energy use, water conservation, and appropriate density/footprint.

    4. Create clusters of small-to-midsize mixed use development to support transit options. Commit to a web (not a hub-and-spoke) of clean, fast, efficient, limited-stop bus rapid transit. Rail isn't necessarily the answer as it can't be re-deployed. A billion bucks would buy a lot of bus rapid transit lines.

    5. Vastly reduce surface parking within walking distance of tall buildings downtown and substitute mixed-use buildings that include structured parking. (This complements #4.) The Cosmopolitan on the Canal (Flaherty and Collins) is an excellent example of #4 and #5.

    6. Finish the Greenways trail system (Fall Creek, White River, Pennsy, Pleasant Run, Upper Canal). Sorry, Prosecuter Brizzi. Hundreds of citizens out on trails is a far better crime deterrent in the neighborhoods than a hundred more cops in cars. Cheaper, too. Duh: one cop plus one car for 20 years = $2 million or more.

    7. Everyone who badmouths IPS without direct experience should send their kids here for a year to help stabilize the schools and help fix declining enrollments. Or maybe we should just merge the Township schools into IPS to get rid of 8 extra superintendents and all the attendant overhead.
  • In response to Dustin: An ethnic neighborhood occurs where the ethnic populations choose to live, not where city planners plan for them. In most cases that was tennements and run down affordable housing. Most other cities districts are near the city center because they grew during the turn of the century, not because city planners put them there for economic commerce, with the exception of exclusionary zoning elsewhere of course. So yes, lets embrace this concept, and the ugliness that goes with it. A side note, most other cities with ethnic neighborhoods are dead downtown at night and on weekends. Chicago, New York, and LA being the exceptions.
  • Although it'd be nice if Indy had a semblance of one, Chicago's Chinatown sucks compared to every other major city.

    Anways, as for ethnic districs I think Indy should actually capitalize on the city's incredible integration. There is a lot of diversity here, but it isn't all sliced up into distinct districts, which is really how a city should be. Just go out on West 38th street to see all the international markets and restaurants (so what if they're in strip malls, they're there at least). There are many ethnic events here and the city could do more to promote and encourage the celebration of the cultures that call Indy home, rather than round them up into sectioned neighborhoods.
  • 1. Fuddruckers
    2. Koreatown
  • I'd like to see more retail development on the near northside. The Goose Market is a great example at 25th and Delaware but the area needs more shops and restaurants for the growing number of folks in the area within walking distance. I think we have the liquor stores covered.
  • Why is it that Major Stores such as Wild Oats, Sunflower, Fresh Market, Trader Joes and Costco seem to think the Northside is where all the consumers live? I live on the east side and would love to have any one of these stores near Downtown, East side or even the South Side.

    On a second note....MASS TRANSIT... Why is it cities of comparable metro size such as Sacramento, Portland, Denver and the like have made Light Rail or equivalent work? What's Indianapolis' obsession with cars? Los Angeles has similar issues...and trust me we don't want to be in that same boat.

    Just my two cents...

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