Ice will do great things this season

January 19, 2009
First, I want to compliment [Bill Benner] on your column in the Dec. 15 issue regarding Michael Schupay and the Indiana Ice. You did a wonderful job summarizing Schupay's much-too-brief life and his involvement with the Ice. Being recent transplants from Detroit, my wife and I quickly embraced the Indiana Ice to help alleviate a little of our Hockeytown withdrawal. It was with sadness that we learned of Schupay's passing and the impact it had (has) on the players and the organization.

You wrote " ... in a town dominated by the Colts, Pacers, colleges ... the mainstream media cast their attention elsewhere." You then closed your column wishing the Ice a championship season, "providing a fitting final legacy for Michael Schupay." Therefore, I found it a little disheartening that you didn't make mention of the Ice in your Jan. 5 column regarding local sports headlines to look for in 2009.

I understand there are numerous local and state athletic organizations and events that didn't find their way into your recent column, but in 2009 the Ice have a real chance to accomplish that championship wish of yours, and I think that will certainly be a headline to look for in 2009.

Please keep up your wonderful contributions to IBJ and the city of Indianapolis.

Michael Miller

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