Anthem needs to be reined in

January 26, 2009
[In response to a Jan. 12 story,] it's apparent that Anthem takes full advantage of the virtual monopoly it enjoys in Indiana and it does so on the backs of not only doctors and hospitals, but most assuredly on its paying customers, as well.

The Indiana Department of Insurance gives Anthem carte blanche authority by allowing it to impose double-digit premium increases on patients, while not passing any of it on to health care providers. Anthem has raised my health insurance premiums an average of 18.5 percent per year over the last six years, but reimburses our doctor in Crawfordsville at a cost-of-living-adjusted rate that is 35 percent less than it was six years ago.

Anthem always takes and never gives. Yet, Anthem still has the highest revenue in the state, its executives are still the highest-paid. The state of Indiana fosters this injustice because [Gov. Mitch Daniels] and his crowd value big business more than they do hardworking citizens. When will this insanity end? It's high time Anthem be brought down a notch or two, with or without the state's help.

Ronald D. Carmony
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