Medical Research

Indy loses promising health startup

LabDoor, which soon will launch an iPhone app that assigns A-F grades to over-the-counter vitamins and medicines, moved last month from Indianapolis to San Francisco, where it received $100,000 in startup financing.
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Sledge's exit will keep IU program mostly intact

The departure of Dr. George Sledge likely will sap the breast cancer research program at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center of about $500,000 in annual funding. But the program Sledge built over the past three decades mostly will remain intact.
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Alzheimer's quest puts Lilly to test

Odds are long that Eli Lilly and Co.'s leading Alzheimer's drug will show positive results when its Phase 3 trial results are released within a few weeks, but even the smallest improvement in the cognitive impairment of test patients would be a home run for Lilly.
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IU research leads to new genetic test

It took the identification of 19 different genes for researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine to develop a test for a rare form of cancer. But their gene-hunting has paid off, as a Texas-based company announced Monday the test is available for doctors to use.

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