Medical Research


Dr. Bryan Schneider, a professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine, led a team of researchers in identifying genetic variations that dispose some breast cancer patients to neuropathy when they are receiving chemotherapy with the drug Taxol. Schneider’s research was named one of the biggest advances in cancer research this year by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The society’s foundation also gave Schneider a three-year, $450,000 grant to further the research.

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Health regulatory leaders ready to flock to city

The top event for regulatory professionals in the health care industry is headed to Indianapolis next month. The annual conference of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, or RAPS, is expected to draw thousands of members representing 120 companies and organizations.
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Brain barrier breached in push to deliver Alzheimer's drug

Scientists with Roche Holding AG, the parent company of Indianapolis-based Roche Diagnostics Corp., may have found a way to overcome a blood barrier that keeps drugs from directly entering the brain, potentially opening new pathways to attack Alzheimer’s disease.
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