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Citizens Gas proposing billing overhaul

Citizens Gas & Coke Utility has revived its pitch for a regulatory plan that would fundamentally change the way it bills customers, helping it cover rising expenses as gas sales fall. The plan would create an expanded energy conservation program that could include rebates for customers who buy gas-efficient furnaces and appliances.
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Indiana turns up schmoozing efforts

Economic development officials say networking is the first step in a process that, when successful, leads to industrial plant expansions and company headquarters relocations. Travel, food, gifts and entertainment, they argue, are a necessary cost of attracting jobs to Indiana.
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Storied luxury Canterbury hotel may sell

The stately 12-story Canterbury Hotel could use a renovation, hospitality analysts say, to restore some luster and help it take on more modern competitors. Such an overhaul might be on the way, along with new owners for the independent boutique hotel at 123 S. Illinois St.
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Condos offering live/work space are hot

The age-old concept of living above your workplace is catching on again in Indianapolis, just as the developers of Douglass Pointe Lofts had hoped. The $2.65 million landmark at 25th and Delaware streets already will soon also be known for a diverse roster of local businesses.
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NFL plan puts hit on Colts

A new National Football League policy could cost the Indianapolis Colts $56 million in league revenue sharing in the decade following the opening of Lucas Oil Stadium. The policy puts more pressure on the Colts to compete with revenue-generating giants such as the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys.
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Rising crime worries city businesses

Indianapolis fought long and hard to earn a reputation as a safe place to live and conduct business. But police statistics show that local security is eroding. Crime has risen to the highest levels seen during Mayor Bart Peterson's administration.
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