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Obama raising more money in Indiana, but business interests stick with McCain

Republican Sen. John McCain has been unable to achieve the same Indiana fund-raising edge on his Democratic opponent that President George W. Bush did in past elections. Bush rang up an Indiana fund-raising advantage of $1.7 million over Sen. John Kerry in 2004, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. And his popularity in Indiana allowed him to spend those dollars to help him campaign in other states while easily winning Indiana's electoral votes. But this election, Sen. Barack Obama had outraised Republican John McCain by $360,000 through the end of August, when McCain's decision to take public campaign funds forced him to stop raising funds directly for himself. Obama did not take public funds, and so has continued to raise money.

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Flat passenger counts not seen as threat to paying debt on midfield terminal

The big debt payments on the $1.1 billion midfield terminal at Indianapolis International Airport start coming due in January--just as a recession hits and the battered airline industry cuts capacity. Despite the likely prospect of fewer passengers than projected in the next year or two, airport managers say they don't anticipate problems shouldering the roughly $40 million a year in debt burden over the next 30 years for the new facility.

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