Banks building new branches despite online age

Bank transaction counts—the number of people going into banks to make a deposit, cash a check or conduct some other form of business—have declined in recent years with the increased popularity of direct deposit, online banking and easy ATM accessibility. So why add branches?
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Banks squeeze into Hamilton County

At least 35 new bank branches have sprouted in Hamilton County in the last three years, and more are on the way. Familiar names like Charter One and Chase have added eight and seven branches, respectively. Other institutions are entering the market.
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Local sign makers enjoy brisk business thanks to bank mergers

Bank mergers have proven lucrative for local sign companies over the years. A string of mergers in the late 1980s and early 1990s wiped out the city's three big national banks--American Fletcher, Merchants National and Indiana National. In the years since, the industry has continued to consolidate, spawning a flurry of additional name changes.
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