Plug-in car startup breaks all the rules

Wabash-based ClearFlex Automotive is using off-the-shelf technology to design a 2010 Ford Focus plug-in electric vehicle, powered entirely by lead acid batteries. The company is gearing up for initial production of up to three vehicles a day.
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Remy hybrid agreements help offset GM loss

Pendleton-based Remy International signs deals with Allison Transmission Inc. in Indianapolis and German automaker Daimler AG to supply electric motors for hybrid systems. The agreements should help offset a loss of business from General Motors.
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Bank exec forms electric-vehicle biz

Banker Steve Tolen is attempting to resuscitate the electric car. Tolen believes conditions are ripe for an upstart automaker to launch a safe battery-powered vehicle capable of rapid acceleration, highway speeds and over 100 miles of distance between charges.
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