Angela Braly

WellPoint CEO's critics suggesting replacements

Another plea for the ouster of WellPoint CEO Angela Braly is spurring discussions among investors and analysts about a replacement. Top suggestions include James G. Carlson, the chief of Amerigroup Corp., and David B. Snow Jr., the former chief of Medco Health Solutions Inc.
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Braly's political skirmishes hurting insurer, critics say

When WellPoint Inc. named Angela Braly its CEO three years ago, it touted her experience dealing with politicians and government regulators. But WellPoint is now the poster child for health insurer bad behavior—credited in Washington with reviving a dead health reform bill the company opposed.
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MAURER: WellPoint's Braly bravely takes on fuss

Wellpoint CEO Angela Braly was criticized by President Obama on national television. She incurred the wrath of health insurance policyholders in California and Indiana. She reignited debate on the moribund national health care reform bill. A woman hasn’t caused this much turmoil since all those ships were launched by Helen of Troy.
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