Fast 25

FAST 25: SmarterHQ

President and CEO Michael Osborne said adding new customers and getting existing clients to sign up for additional services have triggered the company’s growth.
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FAST 25: The Etica Group

The Etica Group's 2017 purchase of Avon-based Parsons Cunningham & Shartle Engineers Inc. more than doubled Etica’s staff and also helped more than double its revenue.
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FAST 25: iAire LLC

Joe Finkam said if he and his employees "do things right and are able to maintain quality ... I think we can" capture 10 percent of the dedicated outdoor air system market.
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FAST 25: The Annex Group LLC

The company, which started out building student housing at universities that typically were considered commuter schools, is now splitting its projects between student housing and affordable housing in university towns.
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