Historical photo

Memory Bank: The 1947 mayor’s race

In this photo, taken April 12, 1947, girls are carrying “Wemmer for Mayor” balloons supporting Republican William Wemmer as they walk down the 100 block of West Washington Street.
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Memory Bank: Drive focuses on minority voters

Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut participated on Sept. 24, 1983, in a march for Operation Big Vote, a coalition of labor and social groups created to increase voter registration among minority groups.
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Memory Bank: End of an era

The building that once housed The English Hotel and Opera House in the northwest quadrant of Monument Circle was demolished in 1949.
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Memory Bank: German sculptor makes Indiana his home

Sculptor Adolph Gustav Wolter, a native of Reutlingen, Germany, immigrated to the United States in 1922 and came to Indiana after the state hired him to carve symbolic relief sculptures for the Indiana State Library’s exterior.
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