Letters to the Editor

Letter: IPS surplus depleted by state cuts, inflation

For a district with an annual budget of about $260 million, it is easy to understand that steadily decreasing state revenues, inflation, a long-overdue increase to teacher pay and holding the cost of employee benefits neutral would quickly deplete an $8 million surplus from the prior year.
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Letter: Ball State failed its alumni

The Ball State trustees’ decision keep John Schnatter’s name on the Center for Entrepreneurship is counter to the basic, Hoosier values of the university and state that we love.
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Letter: Curtis Hill deserves fair hearing

No one knows, save Mr. Hill and his accusers, whether he is guilty or innocent, but the protesters, the governor, and four key lawmakers have already implicated his guilt based solely on the accusations.
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LETTER: EID defeat was lost opportunity

We should be inspired by Downtown Indy to pursue similarly inspiring plans. Let’s hope the EID’s temporary fate doesn’t deter others from advocating for potentially game-changing ideas.
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