Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pass Senate farm bill

The House farm bill that failed to pass was riddled with reckless environmental rollbacks intended to promote logging on our national forests.
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LETTER: When silence is deafening, speak up

Mickey Maurer does an excellent job highlighting the indifferent response from various anti-hate organizations and individuals who provide Louis Farrakhan a free pass to espouse anti-Semitism in their name.
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LETTER: Shining a light on poverty

I feel strongly that the present minimum wage needs to be increased incrementally until it can provide a sustainable income to lift wage earners out of poverty.
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LETTER: Time for city to tackle poverty

Concentrated poverty in Indianapolis is holding back hundreds of thousands of families from accessing opportunities for upward mobility and will hold us back from continued growth for all.
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LETTER: Debate commission puts neutrality first

There is no way other TV stations would broadcast a debate in which a competitor would appear on their air as the moderator, even worse on a competitor’s set. And the commission wants each debate to reach as many Hoosiers as possible via many radio and TV stations and web streams.
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