Roche Diagnostics

Falling reimbursements force Roche to innovate

U.S. sales are plunging for Roche Diagnostics Corp. and its fellow makers of diabetes-care devices because of lower reimbursements from the federal Medicare program. In five years, two of the four largest companies will have sold or closed their diabetes businesses, according to two industry analysts.
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Roche continues to restructure diabetes unit

Roche officials said last week that price competition and lower reimbursement rates are forcing it to make an unspecified number of cuts in its U.S. sales force and at its research and development hubs in Indianapolis and Germany.
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Roche sales rise 4 percent in 2011

Roche Diagnostics Corp.’s North American business, which is headquartered in Indianapolis, posted a 4-percent boost in sales last year on the strength of its fluid analyzer business unit, even though its diabetes sales fell.
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At long last, Roche wins approval of Nano

The OK for a new blood glucose monitor comes more than two years after FDA officials declined to approve a previous version of the Nano, which in rare cases generated inflated blood sugar readings because it did not distinguish properly between the sugars glucose and maltose.
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Filing: Roche considered leaving Indy

It’s hard to believe now, but as recently as two years ago, Indianapolis was close to losing its 15th-largest employer. Roche Diagnostics Corp. was looking seriously at moving its 2,900-employee North American headquarters out of Indianapolis.
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