Health Care Reform

Health insurers request modest rate hikes

While health insurers in states around the country have proposed large rate increases for the health plans they sell on the Obamacare exchanges, insurers in Indiana are asking for modest increases or even decreases. The bad news is that it appears the rest of the country is just catching up with Indiana’s already-high prices.
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Physical therapy provider fans out

Tx:Team has always run its business by sending its therapists to wherever patients are—rather than wooing them into its own facilities. Now, financial pressures from Obamacare and cash-strapped employers are pushing all health care providers to do the same.
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Obamacare brings boost to WellPoint

WellPoint’s stock price rose 53 percent from Sept. 30, 2013—the day before the Obamacare insurance exchanges started up—until Dec. 19, 2014, when the price closed at $127.95.
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