Let's set record straight on benefits

The insurance industry and [Indiana] Chamber of Commerce are providing misleading and untruthful statements to employers and their insured members about assignment of benefits.
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Anthem needs to be reined in

[In response to a Jan. 12 story,] it's apparent that Anthem takes full advantage of the virtual monopoly it enjoys in Indiana and it does so on the backs of not only doctors and hospitals, but most assuredly on its paying customers, as well.
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Legislation takes aim at Anthem

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield's growing market dominance in Indiana is sparking a backlash from doctors who plan to push a bill this year in the Indiana General Assembly that would allow physicians to reject patients covered by massive health insurer.
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St. Francis Hospitals, Anthem disagree over health insurance reimbursements

The St. Francis hospital system and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana are haggling over insurance reimbursement costs. The original demand of Sisters of St. Francis Health Services Inc. would have increased reimbursement amounts $80 million over three years, Rick Rhodes, an Anthem regional vice president, wrote in an Oct. 30 letter to employers covered by Anthem. The increase would mean $12 million more in out-of-pocket costs to Anthem customers. But St. Francis claims its request for an increase only brings it in line with what other hospitals are getting.
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Anthem increases its hold on Indiana

Anthem Insurance Co. added nearly 75,000 commercial customers last year, pushing its total up more than 4 percent. Anthem, a subsidiary of Indianapolis-based WellPoint Inc., now claims a whopping 1.8 million commercial customers in the state. The trouble is, Anthem's dominance limits price competition, according to benefits brokers, making it hard for local HMOs such as M-Plan or even some national players to compete.
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WellPoint adjusts to executive exodus

Fifteen senior executives have left WellPoint Inc. since November 2004, when the giant health insurer formed through Indianapolis-based Anthem Inc.'s $16.5 billion acquisition of California-based WellPoint Health Networks Inc. The merger made many of them rich, work at WellPoint was grueling, and personal commitments called. So they moved on.
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