Wife of Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett files for divorce

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The wife of Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett has filed for divorce.

Stephanie Hogsett, 54, filed a petition for dissolution of marriage in Johnson County on Sept. 8, court records show. It’s unclear why the case was opened in Johnson County.

A case summary shows the parties appeared in Johnson Superior Court 4 this week, and Judge Marla Clark has set a provisional hearing for Oct. 19.

According to the Greensburg Daily News, the couple married in 2010.

“After many years of partnership, Steph and I have begun the process of divorce,” Joe Hogsett, 66, said in a written statement to IBJ. “Like so many families in Indianapolis, the last few years have been trying in ways that neither of us could have imagined, and the demands of life in public service have been felt not only by Steph and me, but by every member of our family. Our focus will remain on supporting our three children, and for their sake we would simply request privacy and respect during these extraordinarily difficult times.”

The divorce comes as Joe Hogsett campaigns for a third term as Indianapolis Mayor. He faces Republican Jefferson Shreve in the Nov. 7 election.

IBJ on Saturday could not reach Stephanie Hogsett’s attorney, Julie Andrews of Cohen & Malad LLP.

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18 thoughts on “Wife of Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett files for divorce

    1. “Family values,” are a joke, and NO ONE, but tiresome busy body hypocrites care about them, and even then they only care about weaponizing their fake “values” to take down others.

      As long as spouses are not being abusive to each other, what they do in their private relationship is *their business.” Everyone else can butt out and mind their own business.

    2. Oh Christopher B, don’t you know that the Retrumplican mantra of small government doesn’t apply to our bedrooms? When it comes to our private lives, they’re all about regulating behavior.

    3. Christopher B, family values are important. It says a lot about a man/woman when they can’t be truthful or faithful to their spouse. If someone is willing to break those vows to their spouse who they have committed themselves to in front of family, friends, and God, what do you think they won’t screw the citizens that they don’t even know?

    4. Joe Hogsett says, “”Our focus will remain on supporting our three children,…”
      All web searches show they have only TWO children.
      Is there a “love child” that we don’t know about?

    5. Roger B.

      He has been married multiple times and has other kids. His other x-wife works for a good friend of mine in the mortgage industry. Said he is a deadbeat dad, so I am not surprised this marriage also ends in divorce..

    1. Boooohoooooo. God, MAGA is so annoying. All you guys do is whine.

      Politicians have been using each other’s personal lives as ammunition for a long time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires, but it’s been done by both sides. I’m not a fan of it, but it is what it is.

      I swear, it seems like MAGA people lived under a rock until 2016. You guys act like Trump is the first politician who has ever gotten in trouble.

    2. You mean dishonest, dimwitted Republicans, Mike?

      Because last time I checked sexual assault, inciting insurrection, and intentionally stealing government documents are all crimes against the public and have *nothing* to do with one’s private life. Try again.

    3. Last I checked rioting throughout our cities, open borders,
      soft on crime, and record deficit spending by the DEMwitts
      isn’t to healthy for our nation.

    4. Thanks for your *opinion*, Keith, but last time I checked all of those things are your view of policy and not crimes. Who is on their fourth indictment? Oh, yes, we all know. 🙂

  1. Morally, who cares anymore about a candidate’s relationship status. The only question for him is can he perform his duties at a high level. I was an absolute wreck for several years after my divorce so trying to be mayor would not have worked. Only he knows how he’s feeling about that. I mean think of the senator in PA, John Fetterman. Still ran, still won and can’t do his job. Joe B certainly is not up for performing at a high level and we really need that in a President. Mitch M is another example, so I get both parties in here lol. We elect only by party name and popularity these days and that’s a shame. We should just get rid of the two parties and make people vote for real people that can actually do the work.

    1. Agreed Jeff. All very good points. Mitch M is indeed another example. He is too old, too feeble and should resign.

      But it’s fairly clear who the legacy media chooses to scrutinize. When Mitch M freezes due to a likely mini-stroke, it’s headline news. Nancy P has done much the same thing (“Good morning, Sunday morning!”) and the newsmedia worked overtime to bury it. Meanwhile, John Fetterman, Dianne Feinstein, and yes good old #46 are all vegetables as well–much worse than Pelosi or McConnell, yet they don’t get a fraction of the attention Mitch received.

      All it means is that one party has the lion’s share of dotards, but the media will barely ask questions as long as they’re remotely affiliated with the Uniparty.