A&E Weekly Contest Results

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The touring company of that iteration of the musical “The Color Purple” comes to Clowes Hall this month and we offered two pairs of tickets to opening night, Dec. 29. The winners: Karen DeSplinter and Vanetta Keefe.
We also asked those who entered the contest to tell us their favorite purple thing. Beyond the amethysts, people eaters and Harold’s crayons, here are some of the many responses.
“A 3-day-old black eye.” (Kathy Smith)
“My favorite sweatshirt.” (Theresa Brun)
 “Minnesota Vikings.” (David Yeley)
 “The Purple Rose of Cairo.” (Susan Emsweller)
“The Guerin Catholic High School logo.” (Patricia Roberts)
“The Evansville Purple Aces.” (Jessica Gregory)
“Purple suede pumps—which I plan to wear if I win these tickets.” (Leigh Abel)
“Purple Panda from the Planet Purple—from ‘Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.’” (Elizabeth Fleming)
“Purple Rain.” (Jeff Wright)
“Deep Purple.” (Jennifer Zentz)
“Purple mountain majesties.” (Aliya Chaplin)
“Violetta Martini.” (Leanne Cole)
“Cindy’s hair at Salon Orange Moon.” (Laura Fox)
“Our priest’s vestment.” (Mercedes Randall)”
“Beets.” (Kirby Goble)
“My Mini Cooper.” (Cheryl Nichols)
“Goofy Grape drink mix—I once won a bunch of Funny Face Gang stuff in a contest.” (Kerry Williams)
“Grape Bubble Yum.” (Amy Magan)
“Grimace.” (Jon Berg)