Indiana firms lash out against patent proposal

Four Indiana businesses have joined more than 100 major companies in an open letter to President Barack Obama, outlining what they believe are weaknesses of patent reform legislation now before Congress and voicing concern about its potential economic impact.
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Supreme Court decision unlikely to end voter-ID fight: More cases arise to challenge strict state statute

Two months have passed since the Supreme Court of the United States upheld Indiana's voter identification law requiring photo ID for anyone casting a ballot in-person. Potential sequels are already in the litigation works, though it's debatable whether they are actually considered "sequels." While plaintiffs separately contend that the Supreme Court case, William Crawford, et al. v. Marion County Election Board, either doesn't apply or endanger their claims, the pair of suits signify the first Indiana cases to come since...
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Presidential campaigns hitting a sour note?: Candidates using pop songs face IP issues

Presidential campaigns hitting a sour note? Candidates using pop songs face IP issues While this may be "Our Country" and you may have been "Born in the U.S.A.," that doesn't mean you can use those tunes in political campaigns without venturing "Into The Great Wide Open" of intellectual property law. Political candidates have been discovering this truth for decades as they've used musical hits at political rallies and campaign events, including the 2008 presidential election season. Wherever people gather to...
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Late action complicates tax planning: AMT legislative fix may mean delays

Expect the early tax-filing season to be a little muddy in 2008-and a tax package already received by mail from the Internal Revenue Service doesn't mean you're off the hook. While many Indiana taxpayers are now protected from additional federal taxes for another year thanks to late action by federal lawmakers in mid-December, millions will have to wait until February to get tax refunds in the mail because of that congressional delay. On Dec. 19, Congress gave final approval to...
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Carmel claims victory in latest annexation court case:

Carmel has another appellate victory on the issue of annexation after an Indiana Court of Appeals ruling on Oct. 17. The state's second-highest appellate court decided that the city adequately proved it could afford to annex part of a nearby community into its municipal borders, and that a Hamilton County judge erred in auditing a financial plan and ruling in favor of the remonstrators. The unanimous decision in City of Carmel v. Certain Home Place Annexation Territory Landowners, No. 29A04-0510-CV-578,...
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