DANIELS: College grads must rise to the moment

We meet in a time of continued economic stagnation. Economic growth in 2012 was a depressing 1.5 percent, half the historic average. Three million fewer Americans are employed than when this so-called recovery began. Economic inequality is growing, and unprecedented trillions in transfer payments have not reversed the trend. It was well said that, "We need a recovery from this recovery."
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Aiming Higher: Words that Changed a State Selected Speeches by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

I have known Mitch Daniels for more than 25 years, and worked for him in various capacities at Hudson Institute, Eli Lilly and in the Governor's Office. I provided some assistance to him in 2011 as he wrote his book, Keeping the Republic. So it was not altogether surprising when the Governor asked me this spring to go through the weighty green binder to see if some of the speeches it contained were worth publishing, and if so, to pick out the best for this volume. View