Forty Under 40

Thank you for your interest in nominating someone for our Forty Under 40 competition. Before you get going on the nomination form, note that you can NOT save this form and come back to it. Neither can you amend it or add to it once it’s submitted. Please be prepared to finish it.

You will need the following:

  • The nominee's full name, mobile number, email address, current job position and company information.
  • A description of why the nominee should be considered for Forty Under 40 recognition.
  • Basic job and resume information, although more detail is appreciated.
  • Up to three letters of recommendation. You do NOT need letters. But this is the only opportunity to add letters to your nomination form. Letters submitted separately will NOT be considered. This is a change from the process in previous years.
  • Any other materials such as a resume or supporting information (not including letters of recommendation) collected into ONE document, either a Word file or PDF.
If you've got that information, you're ready to go. And remember, an individual can be nominated by more than one person.


Files should be PDF or have an extension of .DOC or .DOCX. Files are limited to 3 mb each.

Nominator Information