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You-review-it Monday

November 9, 2009

For me, the weekend including a trip to the Cabaret at the Connoisseur Room to see the original musical revue "Enter Love," featuring the songs of Lynn L. Lupold. Plus a visit to Carmel's Evan Lurie Gallery for the Walter Knabe show. More on both in an upcoming column.

I also was honored to be a guest speaker at the Writers' Center of Indiana's "Gathering of Writers and Readers," which not only gave me the chance to talk about collaborative writing, but also to put faces to many of the state's top published authors. I'm looking forward to digging into and discussing their books in the near future here and in the print IBJ.

On film, I finally got around to seeing "Metropolitan," Whit Stillman's low-key but oddly compelling 1990 film about preppy teens in New York. I stumbled on it because of the odd and wonderful serendipity of Comcast's free On Demand movies. Personally, I don't want to know what sort of dart board is involved in the bizarrely random selection of films that show up there, but I love clicking in each week to see what's being offered. Then again, I like looking for library books from the shelving cart.

Speaking of books, I've been engrossed in Mike Sacks' "And Here's the Kicker," a collection of smart, informed, and fun interviews with humor writers. Included are a wide range of creative types, including the late great Larry Gelbart, Bob Odenkirk (co-creator of the outstanding "Mr. Show," the insightful Merrill Markoe and David Sedaris, who has achieved near rock-star status by reading his funny memoirs. Any interested in how comedy is made should take a look.

And you?

What did you see, hear, read or do this weekend?

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