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Sorry R&H fans: No 'South Pacific' for you

August 18, 2010

Am I the only one frustrated that WFYI won't be airing the "Live from Lincoln Center" broadcast tonight of "South Pacific"?

While I had some quibble with Kelli O'Hara's country club take on Nellie Forbush, I was otherwise knocked out by the Tony Award-winning revival when I saw it in New York City. The run ends on Aug. 22.

O'Hara and co-star Paulo Szot will both be featured in the broadcast, which is being seen by, oh, just about the rest of the country.

Except us.

Causing further pain: Most "Live from Lincoln Center" productions do not have an afterlife. They have short broadcast window, then are gone.

When I called WFYI, I was told that "South Pacific" will be aired Tuesday, Aug. 24...but only on WFYI 3, which is not available to many.

Maybe you can tape it for me.

Your thoughts?

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