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You-review-it Monday

March 22, 2009
For me, the weekend included Heartland Actors Reperory Theatre's production of Neil LaBute's "In a Dark Dark House," a sneak look at the very disappointing Dreamworks 3-D animated film "Monsters vs. Aliens" (Who decided that the core emotional conflict in a kids' flick should be whether or not the Bratz-doll-lookalike heroine should follow her news anchor boyfriend to another market? Seriously.), and a multi-gallery journey through the Children's Museum--including a look at its production of "Sleeping Beauty." More on some of those in the print edition of IBJ. (Check out past reviews at www.ibj.com.)

So what did your weekend include? Finish off a good book? Catch a comedian on stage? Attend one or more of the Music for All events?

Details, please.
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