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December 3, 2007

Lou Harry is Arts & Entertainment Editor for Indianapolis Business Journal, where his A&E review column appears weekly. He has also written about food for decades and pens IBJ's Dining column. An active member of the American Theatre Critics Association, he has written on cultural matters for Variety, TheaterWeek, Stagebill, The Sondheim Review, Mental_Floss, Indy Men's Magazine, Arts Indiana and other publications. Books he has authored or co-authored include The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures, In the Can, As Seen on TV, Creative Block, and The High-Impact Infidelity Diet: A Novel.

Lou has taken a pie in the face from Soupy Sales, smelled Morton Downey Jr.'s breath, and sat on the Full House couch. He also once made Mel Brooks laugh. He welcomes questions, comments, and speaking/paneling/hosting requests.

You can reach him at lharry@ibj.com (preferred) or leave a message at 317-472-5202.

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