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An IMA bridge too far?

March 26, 2008
IBJ reporter Jennifer Whitson has a scoop on developments at the in-the-works IMA  Art and Nature Park. I temporarily turn the blog over to her:

The proposed 1,200-foot walkway and bridge by artist Mary Miss slated to swoop down from IMA’s main building into the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park is no longer part of the picture. IMA--in consultation with Miss--cut the project after studies showed it likely would cost $8 million and have more of an environmental impact than desired, said park Director Lisa Freiman.

“Instead of spending $8 million leading into the park, we decided it would be spent in the park,” Freiman said.

The park’s overall budget is still $21 million, but the focus has shifted to temporary artwork made from materials that either break down naturally or can be disassembled and reused.

“There’s been a very intentional decision to host artists and do temporary projects that will be replenished on a regular basis,” Freiman said.

Another announced artist for the park, Haluk Akaka?e, dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

The IMA soon will reveal renderings by the remaining nine inaugural artists and announce a new addition: an “exciting, internationally known artist,” said Freiman, who declined to name names just yet. The park is set to open in fall 2009. Miss has been invited to do a smaller piece inside the park.

Several layout changes also will be outlined soon.

--Jennifer Whitson

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