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Thoughts on the 'Fame' remake

September 24, 2009

One of the refreshing elements in the remake/rethinking of "Fame" (which IBJ ticket winners sneak previewed on Sept. 23) is that success doesn't come to everyone who dreams. Even those who work hard don't always get the payoff.

I won't reveal any of the film's minor surprises, but I will say that it exceeded my expectations, despite losing some of its energy and interest in the last quarter. The film makes a rare case to its core teen audience that a career in the performing arts is serious business.

I was impressed that the film spent so much time on the school auditions (even though the sequence contained failed efforts at cheap laughs) and appreciated the smart nods throughout to the previous film (including a key performance of "Out Here on My Own"). Well-played performances by the grown-ups, particulary Charles S. Dutton and Megan Mullally, and an overall sense of grubbiness helped keep this from seeming like a "High School Musical" cash-in.

So were you there? Your thoughts?

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