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Summer of the Superhero

There was Iron Man. There was the Hulk. There was Hell Boy. Now, Batman is back. Summer has long been the time of blockbuster special effects movies, but this year seems disproportionately super hero focused. What does it say that so many films--not...
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Hutcherson visits 'Journey' crowd

Last night, the Heartland Film Festival (sorry, I mean Heartland Truly Moving Pictures--I'm still getting used to the new name) added some dessert to a packed advance screening of the new adventure flick "Journey to the Center of...
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'Wall*E': Quality as business plan

"Quality is the best business plan of all." So Pixar chief John Lasseter told the L.A. Times. And the combination of reading that statement and seeing Pixar's remarkable "Wall*E" last night gives me hope for, well, everything. I'm not going to...
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Avg. TV viewer is now over 50

Today's Variety quotes a study stating that the average age of TV network viewers--at least, those viewing shows live and not on DVR--is now 50. That's the highest it's ever been. CBS has the oldest average age viewer, at 54. The...
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You-review-it Monday

So did you visit the "On the Road" scroll at the IMA? Swing to "Swing" at American Cabaret Theatre? Try to understand the great Joe Cocker at Verizon Wireless Music Center? Let us know what A&E you experienced this weekend. For me, much...
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Taking the "art" out at Keystone

I've got a pretty broad definition of art. And a pretty broad definition of art films. But "Get Smart"? "You Don't Mess with the Zohan"? "Indiana Jones"? "The Happening"? "Sex in the City"? Such is the lineup at Landmark's Keystone Art...
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Ann Patchett on opera and veggies

"Sometimes I worry that culture is like vegetables and that I'd be better off eating that which is locally grown," writes novelists Ann Patchett in today's Wall Street Journal. The piece isn't a celebration of local arts. Rather, it's a tribute to the...
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Caring about the Tony Awards

The Tony Awards , the annual celebration of the Broadway season, are being handed out this Sunday night. Did I hear a yawn? You aren’t alone. A notorious ratings loser, the show each year seems to squander the opportunity to excite....
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Summer on the tube

Since “The Sopranos” staged its final hit, “Desperate Housewives” became, well, desperate, and “American Idol” lost some of its water-cooler luster, I’m hearing fewer people outside of the media talk about television shows. (Except for...
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