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IBJ Movie Night: Get Smart

Want to join IBJ for a screening of the new comedy "Get Smart," starring Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway? It's happening June 17 at AMC College Park For a pair of tickets, just take both of the following steps: 1. Post a comment...
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On Sydney Pollack

The sad thing—well, one of the sad things—about the death of filmmaker Sydney Pollack yesterday is the nagging feeling that there should be more to be excited about on his directing resume. Pollack, a native of Lafayette who grew up...
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'Rent' at a theater near you

Yes, "Rent" -- the movie -- already played movie theaters (and didn't do particularly well). But now it looks like it's getting another shot. Not a second run of the film, though. This will be a from-the-stage performance of the hit...
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In you face: 3-D on the way

1500 movie screens across the country will be upgraded to 3-D. So announced Regal Entertainment Group on Tuesday. What was once a gimmick, now looks to be the standard for  future moviegoing. This summer's "Journey to the Center of the Earth"...
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Beyond 'Dancing with the Stars'

So TV's "Dancing with the Stars" has another winner. Hooray. I caught some of the finals last night without having seen the rest of the series. And having been to Dance Kaleidoscope's season ending performance Sunday, I'm curious as to whether the huge...
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Go *$%#*&@ Speed Racer!

Last night I caught a sneak preview of “Speed Racer,” the would-be summer blockbuster from the makers of “The Matrix.” This overlong adaptation of the cheesy kids show of yesteryear has a cool color palate, a lead performance from Emile Hirsch...
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Movie night: 'Young @ Heart'

Pass are still available for tonight's screening of "Young @ Heart" at Landmark Keystone Art's Cinema. They are available while supplies last at the IBJ front desk. Go. If you do make it, remember to post comments here tomorrow....
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IBJ Night at the Movies

I’m going to be out of town later this week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of another IBJ Night at the Movies in my absence. This time, it’s the critically praised documentary “Young @ Heart,” sneak previewing Thursday...
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Film fest opens

The Indianapolis International Film Festival opened last night with a screening of the Sundance Film Festival hit “Son of Rambow.” I’d tell you more about this charmer, but since that was the only festival screening for the film, I’ll...
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