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IBJ Movie Night: "88 Minutes"

So were you there last night at the screening of “88 Minutes”? If so, what did you think? And whether you were there or not, feel free to chime in with your favorite/least favorite Al Pacino performances. Side question: Anyone out there...
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IBJ's "Smart" Night @ the Movies

What did you think of "Smart People," Monday's IBJ Night at the Movies sneak preview? Comments most welcome below. Whether you made it or not, act now to be a part of the next one. We'll be hosting a screening of the...
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Who needs local movie critics?

The New York Times today reports on the continued trend of newspapers ditching their film critics. Yes, we’ve discussed cuts in newspaper coverage of the arts here in the past — but this debate is a little different when it...
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Summer Nights, summer slights?

The Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Summer Nights film series is one of the most popular warm-weather attractions in the city — at least, one where those who want to attend often outnumber the room the IMA has to accommodate them. This...
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The 'SNL' effect

Much is being made about the impact of “Saturday Night Live” on the presidential election. For the latest New York Times story, click here According to the argument, the way “SNL” characterize the candidates is the way the public will...
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Blu-ray not singing the blues

So Blu-ray won the high-definition format battle, effectively turning HD DVD into this generation’s Betamax. Personally, this didn’t affect me at all. I managed to stay out of this turf war largely because a clearer picture and movie theater-quality sound are...
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You-review-it Monday (+ Oscars)

Catch any of the three Ps this weekend (“Proof” at TOTS, “The Piano Lesson” at the IRT, or Pilobolus at Clowes Hall)? Get to the Indianapolis Art Center or the Symphony? Or just groggy from watching the Oscars? Whatever the case, let...
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IBJ Night at the Movies IV

A few reasons why I’m interested in “The Other Boleyn Girl”: 1. Natalie Portman, still looking for a post-“Star Wars” winner. 2. Scarlett Johansson, ready to step up from the promise of her early, less challenging roles. 3. Eric Bana, in a role...
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