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Fishers' mayoral race gets green light

June 19, 2013

Tuesday’s announcement that Fishers will become a city on Jan. 1, 2015, means mayoral hopefuls have less than a year to prepare for the primary election—always hotly contested in the Republican stronghold.

No candidates have emerged yet, but the buzz already has started about who will seek to become the fast-growing community’s first mayor.

The seven current members of the Town Council are the most obvious contenders, given their familiarity with municipal business. (Town Manager Scott Fadness, appointed by the council to run day-to-day affairs, has said he’s not interested.)

But they’ll have to pick their battles. Voters also will elect a nine-member City Council next year, and candidates can’t run for mayor and council at the same time.

So, fellow Fishersians, who would you like to see enter which race? And is there any chance our first mayor won’t have an elephant lapel pin?

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