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Chelsea Clinton's response

March 26, 2008
Chelsea Clinton has been widely praised for her response to a question at Butler University yesterday about how Monica Lewinsky might have affected her motherâ??s candidacy for president.

â??I donâ??t think that is any of your business,â?? Chelsea Clinton shot back.

The Lewinsky saga probably caused more pain for Chelsea than any of us can imagine, and who doesnâ??t want to move on from an incident that happened more than a decade ago. After all, the nation faces truly serious problems.

Yet, was her response the best one? The answer seemed to imply that questions about events that affect political candidates are off limits.

Should she instead have said something along the lines of, â??That happened a long time ago and itâ??s in the past. This campaign is looking to the future.â??

What do you think?
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