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Will Fresh & Easy make it here?

April 10, 2008
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, the grocery chain owned by U.K.-based retailing giant Tesco, has put the brakes on the U.S. invasion it launched on the West Coast last year, but still claims it has designs on plastering the U.S. with thousands of its stores.

The stores are small, about 15,000 square feet, and theyâ??re conveniently plunked in neighborhoods in direct competition with giants including Wal-Mart.

Fresh & Easyâ??s concept of small and upscale is strong enough that Wal-Mart is opening small grocery stores in the southwest to try to find a way to counter the concept.

Now, though, The Times of London has reported that first-year sales in the initial stores are 70 percent below expectations. Tesco denies itâ??s struggling.

The grocery industry has been through years of competitive turmoil in the Indianapolis area.

What would happen in Fresh and Easy arrived here?
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