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Etiquette for high gas prices

June 2, 2008
It seems like more people are driving below the speed limit now that gas has become expensive.

Particularly on interstates, it isnâ??t uncommon to come upon congestion only to realize that somebody, for no apparent reason, is puttering along and holding up traffic. Sometimes these drivers stake out the fast lane. Often, theyâ??re driving gas-guzzlers.

Driving slower certainly saves gas. However, driving even the speed limit can raise ire of other drivers. Someone tried to run an Edmunds.com driver off the road when the editor was testing gas mileage at 65 mph.

It should be pointed out that itâ??s perfectly legal to drive below the speed limit on interstates so long as minimum speeds are maintained.

Are you seeing the same thing? What is appropriate etiquette for driving in a time of high gas prices?
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