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Bob & Tom's durability

November 17, 2009

A quarter of a century into their show, Indianapolis radio personalities Tom Griswold and Bob Kevoian show no sign of slowing down.

Their value to long-time host WFBQ is only growing as the radio industry in general struggles to recover its voice in a world complicated by iPods and other options, IBJ reporter Anthony Schoettle wrote in this week’s paper. Click here for the story.

“The Bob & Tom Show” makes WFBQ the undisputed leader in the local market; take away the show and the station is just average.

“Bob & Tom” listeners are getting older. They’re mostly 35 to 54, though they still have money to spend, so the show remains attractive to advertisers.

Griswold and Kevoian for that matter are now in their 50s. How much longer will they be able to keep the show relevant to younger listeners? Any thoughts about the show?


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