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Indiana bombs in rankings of 'new economy' states

August 25, 2010

Business Facilities, a trade publication that tracks corporate real estate and site-selection news, has released its annual rankings of top states, and Indiana doesn’t look so hot.

The list, which the magazine says focuses on states “poised to dominate the emerging New Economy,” has 14 overall top-10 lists and Indiana made only one—a seventh rank in automotive manufacturing strength.

Here are the other 13 lists where Indiana failed to crack the top 10:
—alternative energy industry
—best business climate
—best business tax climate
—best education climate
—best transportation infrastructure
—biofuels manufacturing research
—biotechnology strength
—cost of labor
—economic growth potential
—employment leaders
—quality of life
—work force health and safety
—work force training leaders

Note that Indiana didn’t even qualify in its traditional strengths of infrastructure and business climate.

We all know rankings are rife with room for error, miscalculation and misjudgment. But what does it say when a state barely shows up?


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