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From Lucas Oil Stadium, Convention Center expansion has an industrial look

August 27, 2010

Convention CenterThe view of the expanded Indiana Convention Center from Lucas Oil Stadium caught several Colts fans off guard after the team's first preseason game on Aug. 15. From the north steps of the stadium, you can see a block-wide expanse of aluminum siding, giving the convention center a decidedly industrial look. (Click on the image for a larger view.) Blogger Curt Ailes wrote on the Urban Indy blog that it looks like an auto-parts plant. "Is this the face that we want to show to the people who will be attending the Super Bowl here in 2012?" Ailes wrote. "Granted, there is plenty of good looking skyline, but a two block long corrugated aluminum wall is going to detract from that." The design is as intended, arranged to accomodate loading docks and other back-of-house functions, said David Sease, a spokesman for the Indiana Stadium and Convention Authority. "Originally, the design allowed for exposed mechanical units along the length of the building, but we were able to fund enclosures around them to further refine the space," Sease wrote in an e-mail. "The ISCBA believes that compared to other loading docks and back-of-house spaces in town, this looks good, and will become invisible when looking out of Lucas Oil Stadium at the Indianapolis skyline." That won't be encouraging news for Ailes and other commenters on the Urban Indy blog. What do you think? (Photo: Curt Ailes)

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