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City forbids occupancy of DiRimini apartments

October 14, 2010

DiRimini OrderThe city has issued an "order forbidding occupancy" of the DiRimini apartment project after code enforcement officials learned the developer planned to start moving in residents. The Department of Code Enforcement also issued a new stop-work order on Wednesday that covers all work on the building at 733 N. Capitol Ave., not just the exterior as an earlier order specified. The occupancy order cites several violations in addition to a drastic departure from approved plans for the building, including unsafe construction practices, violations of the building code, and failure to secure state approval of a fire alarm system and elevators. The order also notes that constructon had been proceeding in a manner that make it "substantially difficult to correct the violations." Code enforcement spokeswoman Kate Johnson said building inspectors have visited the property multiple times and actually cited other violations, for which the property owner received a variance from the State of Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission. "DCE was prompted to again inspect the building upon receiving a Certificate of Completion and Compliance requesting partial occupancy," she said. City planners have been working with developer Jeff Sparks on ways to fix the nearly completed project, which differs in at least 35 ways from the one approved under the city's urban design guidelines. The developer's first offer failed to impress. Sparks has refused to discuss the project with IBJ, and his voicemail message on Thursday said he'll be out of town for a few days. Earlier posts on DiRimini, which include the original rendering and fixes proposed by the developer, are available here and here.

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