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30 million plus TV viewers watch Colts whip Pats

November 16, 2009
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More than half of the people in the Indianapolis area watching television last night were watching the Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots game on NBC. Not surprisingly it was the highest rated sports show of the day.

According to overnight numbers provided by New York-based Nielsen Media Research, 54 percent of TV households in central Indiana were tuned into the game.
The game scored a 39.0 rating, meaning 418,080 households tuned in. That equates into about 1 million viewers. Not bad for one of the NFL’s smallest markets.

Nationally, the game scored a 15.1 rating, which equates into 16.6 million TV households, or about 30 million to 35 million viewers.
Nationally, the game had a 24.1 share, which means almost one in every four TV sets that were on at the time nationwide were tuned in to watch the Colts beat the Patriots.
Those are pretty strong numbers in an era where there are often 200 plus cable channels to chose from.


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