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Radio host JMV still pondering next step

December 23, 2009
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I have a pretty smart editor who likes to tell me it’s OK to tell people what you don’t know. So let’s start with that.
I don’t know where John Vincent, better known by his on-air radio handle JMV, will land next. That’s because I honestly don’t think JMV himself knows where he’ll land next. Either that or he's not saying.

Yesterday, I finally located the former host of WNDE’s The Drive with JMV, which aired weekdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. locally on 1260 AM.

But after talking to JMV yesterday, there are quite a few things I do know. He’s not headed to Emmis’ 1070 The Fan, the market’s other radio sports-talk behemoth. That tidbit according to JMV and Emmis’ local market manager Charlie Morgan.

But there are still more than a few sources in the radio industry who think JMV could some day land at The Fan. Since 1070 already has afternoon drive-time duo Kravitz and Eddie in place, it's difficult to say where he'd be slotted. The Mike & Mike Show has mornings booked on The Fan and Dan Dakich is running strong from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Neither is JMV headed for a TV sports gig in Terre Haute, as has been rumored. JMV said that rumor was started merely because someone mentioned an opening in that market to him. He has no interest at this time in moving from his Bargersville area home about 12 miles south of Indianapolis.

I also know this after our 15-minute phone conversation: JMV is a tad burned out and more than a little tired after working late into the nights at WNDE, then getting up at 3 a.m. to start his weekend job at WTHR-TV Channel 13, which he continues part-time. JMV also wants to spend more time with his three-year-old son and his wife, who is expecting their second child very soon.

JMV said he didn’t leave WNDE over a pay dispute or because of the way the station treated him or his staff. He also confirmed he was not fired. Lastly, he said, that for now, he’d like to lay low and remain out of the spotlight (apparently other than his WTHR appearances).

JMV started at WNDE part-time in October, 1999, then moved to full-time status in February, 2000. He first became known working alongside WNDE radio host Mark Patrick, but his status elevated after Patrick’s departure.

Speaking of Patrick, he has re-emerged on The Drive in a substitute role following JMV’s departure earlier this month. Patrick, too, has been a fill-in on 1070 The Fan. Emmis’ Morgan said Patrick is just a fill-in during the holiday season and there’s no plan to add him full-time.

As for WNDE, they’re still looking for a JMV replacement, and if Patrick is interested, I’m sure he is up for consideration. But with his son about to embark on a Major League Baseball career, Patrick may not want to be tied down to that kind of full-time work.

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