Conexus Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Questions:

  • Q: What have we learned about the strengths and vulnerabilities of supply chains over the last two years?

  • Q: What is the value of mapping entire supply chains? What steps should a company take to map its supply chain?

  • Q: What resources are available to Indiana companies to help strengthen their supply chains and brace for disruption?

  • Q: What is the State of Indiana doing to leverage its position to attract more direct investment, on-shoring and near-shoring? What are the benefits of public-private partnerships in shortening and strengthening global supply chains?

  • Q: What are the tradeoffs between a supply chain optimized for efficiency and the associated costs versus one designed for resiliency to shock and disruption? What attributes are common to both?

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Chris Sultemeier

    Chris Sultemeier
    Retired, Executive Vice
      President Logistics

  • Panel Moderator

  • Teresa van Niekerk

    Teresa van Niekerk
    Vice President of Purchasing
      & Supplier Quality
    Allison Transmission, Inc.

  • Featured Panelists:

  • Rachel Hazaray

    Rachel Hazaray
    Deputy General Counsel
      & Senior Manager
      Legal and Compliance &
      Corporate Social Responsibility
    Subaru of Indiana Automotive

  • Ronan Miot

    Ronan Miot
    Executive Vice President
    Heartland Automotive, LLC

  • Harry C. Moser

    Harry C. Moser
    Founder & President
    Reshoring Initiative®

  • Andrea Richter-Garry

    Andrea Richter-Garry
    Vice President for
      International Engagement
    Indiana Economic
      Development Corporation

  • Jane Siegler

    Jane Siegler
    Assistant Professor of
      Operations & Supply
      Chain Management
    Butler University

Friday, June 18, 2021
Virtual Event
Lunch / Presentation:
9:00 am (EST)

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