After Hours

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From the newest restaurants you must try, to the entertainment and cultural events you don’t want to miss, After Hours is your weekly source for news you can use when you’re not on the clock. After Hours is produced on Thursdays by renowned arts and entertainment reporter Dave Lindquist, who is bringing you the stories behind the personalities, places and events that make Indianapolis an engaging place to live.

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IBJ Daily

Delivered every weekday at about 1 p.m.
Get the day’s top business headlines — including breaking news about central Indiana companies, restaurants, retailers, government and more — reported by IBJ’s award-winning news staff. Plus, Tuesday’s IBJ Daily features our most recent Focus story and Thursday’s newsletter includes an Explore story that shares something interesting to do in central Indiana.

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Delivered every weekday at about 8 a.m.
IBJ’s Mason King boils down the must-read business news every workday morning in Eight@8, a quick, quirky read that offers a fresh perspective on Indianapolis. Eight@8 combines IBJ’s original reporting with key business stories from the top news organizations in the world.

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The Rundown

Delivered every Friday morning
IBJ rounds up the latest in government and politics news, with the scoop about campaigns, lobbying, local leaders and more. The Rundown combines original reporting with the best of politics coverage around the state and nation.

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IBJ Health Care Weekly

Delivered every Monday afternoon
IBJ reports the latest about the health care industry, including news, notes and stats about insurance, hospitals, benefits, public policy and life sciences in central Indiana.

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IBJ Real Estate Weekly

Delivered every Tuesday morning
Plug into central Indiana’s commercial real estate industry, with information about big deals as well as sales and acquisitions, leasing contracts and construction.

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Delivered every Friday morning
Find out what’s new with central Indiana’s tech firms, startups, venture capital and entrepreneurs, plus see what others are saying about the Indy tech scene and get the latest on can’t-miss events.

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Delivered the second and fourth Monday of every month
Read what current and former community, government and political leaders are saying about the most important issues facing Indiana and the U.S. Every month, 16 local and national columnists offer their perspectives on the news – plus get opposing viewpoints on one key issue facing our community.

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North of 96th

Delivered every Thursday morning
Read the latest news from the fast-growing northern suburbs of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield and Zionsville. IBJ covers government, real estate, economic development and business action north of 96th Street.

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This Week in IBJ

Delivered at 7 a.m. every Saturday
See all the stories and columns published in each week’s issue of IBJ, including news about companies, people, business trends and government as well as advice for the workplace and your portfolio, opinions from community leaders and a feature about things to do.

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IBJ Breaking News

Delivered as news happens
Get the breaking business and government news you need to know when you need to know it — immediately.

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IBJ News Updates

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Read the latest developments about the biggest, ongoing stories in business and government — delivered as they happen.

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IBJ Podcast

Delivered every Monday morning
The IBJ Podcast is a conversation that goes deeper into the issues and stories in the IBJ print edition and at The email is a weekly reminder to download the latest episode.

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Residential Real Estate

Delivered every Friday
This sponsored residential real estate newsletter features a home of the week, other residential listings and stories about market trends, home décor and more. Whether you’re a Realtor, hunting for a house or just obsessed with home browsing, there’s something for everyone.

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