125 Years of Indiana Pharmacy

125 Years of Indiana Pharmacy

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On the evening of Monday, May 8, 1882 a group of pharmacists from across the state of Indiana met in the Bates House parlors in Indianapolis. City and small town druggists alike exchanged pleasantries and engaged in conversation to pass the evening. These men, earnest in their conviction, had come to Indianapolis with the purpose of meeting the following day to establish a State Association of Pharmacy. In years prior, there had been clamoring from city associations about the need for such an organization. In the recent memory of the druggists of Indianapolis, a motion for such an establishment was "quietly canvassed" during a winter meeting in 1881. It was thought, however, that a convention was necessary for establishing something so important. The druggists of Indianapolis who met the following winter played a substantial role in organizing Indiana pharmacists and the convention they thought necessary for the task. The group of pharmacists who met at the Bates House parlors had come at the request of the druggists to participate in what would be the founding meeting of the Indiana Pharmaceutical Association. The convention on May 9, 1882 was where Hoosier pharmacists finally united under a single banner.
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