Indianapolis Business Journal - March 13-19, 2017


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Furniture stores brace for Ikea's incursion

The long-awaited arrival of Ikea to central Indiana will transform the way many Hoosiers buy furniture.

How Butler made its bulldog a marketing dynamo

Butler is one of just 58 U.S. colleges with a live mascot, and the bulldog is quickly approaching the top echelon, based on its fame and effectiveness as a goodwill ambassador for the school.

Top Stories

Despite rich new TV deal, NCAA gets debt downgrade

The governing body for college sports weathered a $411 million deficit in its latest fiscal year. But long term, its financial position appears strong—in no small part because of an $8.8 billion TV contract extension it inked last year for its men's basketball tournament.

Parks director wants city parks to spark change

Indy Parks recently finalized a five-year master plan, which was adopted Feb. 1 by the Metropolitan Development Commission.

IPS architecture program’s certifications can help alumni land $70,000 jobs

The IPS Career Technology Center, based at Arsenal Tech, has 15 so-called “pathways,” including Computer Science, Certified Nursing Assistant and Architectural Drafting & Design.

The Fan putting local shows on new frequency to cure interference issue

Starting soon, many central Indiana sports-talk fans will no longer be able to hear programming from The Fan on 93.5 FM, where it’s been heard since November 2015.

HHGregg files for bankruptcy, lines up buyer

The company did not disclose the identity of the purchaser. CEO Robert Riesbeck said HHGregg is “fully committed” to continuing to operate the 132 stores that will remain after it completes the closings announced last week of 88 stores.

Fairbanks Foundation sharpens focus in quest to maximize impact

The foundation is becoming specific with what it wants to accomplish and is shifting more toward funding research that advocates for systemic change, instead of traditional grant-making.

Debut of $37M Coil to kick off Broad Ripple apartment flurry

The village is expected to add as many as 500 rental units in the next year or so. Businesses hope they'll boost daytime traffic in the area traditionally known for its nightlife.


Salesforce expansion will fill one-quarter of Salesforce Tower

The San Francisco-based tech giant in May will begin occupying 11 floors in the 48-story building.

A&E, etc.

LOU'S VIEWS: Dog days at the Eiteljorg

The biggest downside to “Dogs: Faithful and True&rdquo is that you can’t bring your own pup to it.

DINING: In the heart of Broad Ripple, The Vanguard vies for attention

If you’ve been in Indy long, you should know exactly where I’m talking about when I say The Vanguard is above The Casba Bar.

LOPRESTI: NCAA returns to site of many great dramas

Recalling an "elite eight" of big moments as basketball tournament rolls back into town.


MAURER: Lottery hoax lures lass down bridal path

Recalling a unique proposal that landed couple-to-be in national spotlight.

PETERSON: Let’s lift those the economy has left behind

Average wages for Indiana’s non-management workers have risen less than 50 cents an hour since 2000, according to inflation-adjusted data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

KITTLE: Bury the idea of a border adjustment tax

Unfortunately, all the good tax reforms could be wiped out by a separate, complicated proposal from the House GOP that amounts to a huge new tax that will slam consumers.

FEIGENBAUM: Indiana Supreme Court awaiting key appointment

For the first time since Indiana adopted merit selection for the court, the Supreme Court will consist of justices appointed by governors of one party.

KIM: Buffett lauds market system, immigrants for U.S. abundance

BOHANON & STYRING: Enjoy all the rankings, but read the fine print

Here is the dirty little secret behind all rankings. More than anything else, they reveal the policy preferences of the organization doing the ranking.

LETTERS: Editorial misconstrued goal of cigarette tax hike

Rather than lament what a current smoker stands to lose financially with a $1 cigarette tax hike, let’s examine what that smoker stands to gain.

LETTERS: GM site is chance to embrace riverfront

It never ceases to amaze me how Indianapolis has almost totally ignored this potentially beautiful waterway (White River State Park being an exception).

In Brief

Embattled businessman Eyler files for bankruptcy

The filing follows a wave of lawsuits filed against Gary Eyler in connection with the collapse of The College Network, a company he founded in 1995 that provided online test-prep materials for college entrance exams.

Sigstr signs ex-Salesforce executive as CEO

The email-marketing company has named a Salesforce Marketing Cloud leader as its new head honcho, effective April 10.


HALE: Expand program shown to help struggling kids

About 10 years ago, Indiana started doing something right. Something that significantly lifts up kids who otherwise might very well fall through the cracks.

RITZ: Let public choose superintendent of public instruction

Stripping away the power of the voters leaves the education of our children subject to only partisan political initiatives as we elect a governor.

DANIELS: Pre-K is an investment we can’t afford to ignore

Clearly, the suggestion made by some for universal public pre-K is unrealistic. However, our low-income children should be a top priority, and they need our help the most.

SMITH: Decline of nuclear family underlies growing problems

Let me briefly indulge the desire to say, “We told you so.” For decades, pro-family groups like the Indiana Family Institute, Focus on the Family and faith leaders of all types and beliefs have decried the decline of the nuclear family and predicted a harvest of tears.

How ‘good morning’ gives us Midwesterners an edge

We hold doors for one another. We say, “Thank you,” and, “Excuse me,” an awful lot also. In fact, we do this stuff so much, it sticks out at home to me when someone doesn’t. The nerve of those people!

SHEPARD: Federal budget decisions will affect our state government

Ever since the Nixon years, the budgets passed by Congress have reflected a broad policy of implementing national priorities by sending federal money to the states for administration and distribution.

STEVENS: Tax increase would hurt poorest Hoosiers, small businesses

Not only is a cigarette-tax hike an unreliable revenue stream, but it also would disproportionately harm low-income Hoosiers and small-business owners living near the state’s border.

REED: Raising cigarette taxes will lead more Hoosiers to quit

Opponents argue that raising Indiana’s cigarette tax would significantly increase sales in neighboring states. History shows that isn’t so.

SIDDIQUI: Burden of tighter security not being shared by all

Over the past month, I have had one child given a swastika at school, another child bullied, and the third feel that complaining is not important because, “This is part of what it means to be in school.” 

ROBERTSON: Hate crimes are on rise; Indiana remains behind the times

Friends, it is no coincidence that these incidents are and have been on the rise since Trump started his campaign.

WOLLEY: There’s no excuse for Indiana’s lack of hate-crimes law

I struggle to imagine how legislators are seeing the world where this is not a problem that should be addressed.

SHELLA: Trump was a better sport at this Indiana roast

Worth noting in that Donald Trump previously attended a media-sponsored roast where he was the target. It happened right here in Indianapolis.

SCHNEIDER: Carson aims to make difference in D.C., despite obstacles

Rep. Andre Carson is remarkably upbeat for a man who can expect to be on the losing side of just about every big debate in Washington.

SHABAZZ: Donnelly might be tough to knock off in 2018 election

A word of warning to my Republican friends: You underestimate Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly at your own peril.

SEAT: Optimism is infectious, especially in politics

Gov. Eric Holcomb’s optimism continues as he tackles the many challenges facing him as governor.

Flap over Russian contact casts cloud over Jeff Sessions

Chuck Schumer’s fake news about the GOP and Trump

She’s 17 and needs birth control. What now?

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