Indianapolis Business Journal - May 4-10, 2018


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Infosys using Indy as platform for new strategy

The company's U.S. hiring spree will bring its services closer to its sizable customer base in this country, although industry analysts said the change could increase costs and undercut profit.

Negotiations leading to $558M Finish Line sale full of surprises

A new regulatory said Sports Direct International Inc., the United Kingdom-based sports-apparel retailer that was rumored for months to be on the verge of buying Indianapolis-based Finish Line, never actually wanted to buy the company.

IUPUI to sharpen identity by building gateways

University officials have identified key entry points around the sprawling campus—two on the east side, two on the west and one to the north—where they want the signage erected.

Top Stories

Not-for-profit RecycleForce aims to build $10 million facility in Indianapolis

An 18-month legal battle continues to linger over RecycleForce as it attempts to begin raising money from donors to fund construction of a 105,000-square-foot building at Sherman Park.

Crawfordsville startup CorVus fattens pigs for science

The newly built farm uses a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet to give animals heart disease and diabetes to help medical researchers find treatments.

Spending piles up in Indiana's GOP Senate race

Three Republican challengers and the incumbent Democrat have raised nearly $22 million and spent nearly $14 million.

Q&A: Brandon Smith brings own voice to longtime political show

In December 2016, Brandon Smith stepped into some mighty big shoes. The 30-year-old Chicago native replaced longtime WISH-TV Channel 8 political reporter Jim Shella as host of “Indiana Week in Review.”

Major health initiative targets 3 Indianapolis neighborhoods with high diabetes rates

A five-year, $7 million program is led and supported by a coalition of local health institutions, including Eli Lilly and Co., Fairbanks School of Public Health and Eskenazi Health. It is based on a model that Lilly has used in other countries.

Local office, industrial markets continue hot streaks in first quarter

Vacancy rates in both sectors continued to shrink in the first quarter as office and industrial tenants consumed more leased space.

GOP Senate candidates run outsider campaigns with insider consultants

The three Republican candidates running in the May 8 primary to unseat incumbent U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly rely heavily on political consulting firms in the Washington, D.C., area or on the East Coast to steer their campaigns in Indiana.

Mall owners, retailers clash over avalanche of online returns

David Simon, CEO of Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group Inc., says a "significant number" of tenants are underreporting sales, costing the nation's largest mall owner a lot of money.

Council votes to allow city to spend $1.2M to replace some Vision Fleet vehicles

The Indianapolis City-County Council on Monday passed a proposal 22-1 after no discussion that allows the city’s former Department of Business and Neighborhood Services to transfer $1.2 million to buy 50 replacement vehicles.


How an Indianapolis family turned Keystone at the Crossing into real estate mecca

The Larmans' fingerprints are all over Keystone at the Crossing—from The Fashion Mall at Keystone to a recently built $100 million mixed-use development.

Old gymnasium, famous church, college campus on 'Most Endangered' list

Indianapolis-based not-for-profit preservation group Indiana Landmarks released its list Monday, with nine new listings and one landmark repeating from last year’s list.


EDITORIAL: State should pause I-70/I-65 project long enough for larger study

Indianapolis needs time to consider its options—to think about whether interstates that bisect its core, divide its neighborhoods, and bring commuters in and out from the suburbs are what work for its future.

GREG MORRIS: Hoosiers can do better in fight against hunger

We're still too reliant on federal food programs, which could see massive cuts.

KENNEDY: Feminist theater is here. Are we ready?

There is a new, distinctive addition to our local theater scene: Summit Performance aspires to produce “top quality theatre exploring the lives and experiences of women.”

McGUINESS: Safety requires moving forward with highway overhaul

Accommodating safety, livability, economic development, connectivity, multi-modal transportation and aesthetics, all while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars, is a delicate balancing act.

MICHAEL BLICKMAN: Considering a job candidate's salary history can be problematic

A federal appeals court has acknowledged that permitting an employer to consider prior salary would allow it to benefit from the ongoing gender-based salary gap.

BOHANON AND CUROTT: Let's be informed voters, but shaping outcome unlikely

It’s that time of year when all good citizens are supposed to do their duty and go to the polls and vote. And duty it is because, on a strictly cost-benefit basis, it makes no sense to be an informed voter.

MICKEY KIM: Value and process key for Kentucky Derby, stock picks

Referring to picking stocks, Warren Buffett famously said, “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” As it turns out, the same can be said for betting the Derby.

LETTER: Tax cuts spur hiring

Tax reform is accelerating the pace of business in Indiana. Business owners are hiring. They are investing in their businesses. They are making major capital expenditures.

LETTER: Municipal financing inappropriate for Duke

What could possibly justify $2.9 million in municipal financing for this project, developer-backed bonds notwithstanding?

In Brief

Celebrity chef's burger restaurant closes its north-side location

The restaurant, created by Food Network chef Michael Symon, opened in the high-profile Ironworks development in mid-2015.

Foreign ambassadors set to descend on Indianapolis

More than 30 foreign ambassadors—representing countries across four continents—are scheduled to be in Indianapolis to learn about Indiana’s economy and explore potential business relationships with Hoosier firms.

Biglari Holdings shares tumble after restructuring boosts CEO's grip on company

The parent of Steak n Shake will create two classes of stock, allowing Sardar Biglari to make acquisitions without diluting his voting control.

IBJ honored for editorial writing, illustrations, medical reporting and more

Editor Greg Andrews and artist Brad Turner took home top honors in the contest sponsored by the Indiana Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.


MIKE LOPRESTI: Singer? Lawn boy? Coaches followed diverse paths

They'll lead their new basketball teams with lessons learned on the Hoosier hardwood and beyond.

Whimsical hats as much art as attire

Bes-Ben hats were an unusual combination of headwear, fashion statement and art. And now, 60 of the most whimsical works are on display at Newfields.

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