Indianapolis Business Journal - June 1-7, 2018


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2018 Innovation Issue: Blockchain could transform many industries—but maybe not yet

Early adopters say blockchain has the potential to revolutionize everything from executing insurance contracts and conducting financial transactions to assuring food safety.

2018 Innovation Issue: Is virtual reality already dead? Or just getting started?

Quietly—as consumers turned their attention elsewhere—virtual reality has been finding its place in business operations, particularly to make education and training more accessible and less expensive.

2018 Innovation Issue: Visual outlines become more popular note-taking tool

Visual note-taking—which involves distilling in real time the points of a meeting, conference or speech with a combination of sketched images and words—has just started catching on.

Top Stories

2018 Innovation Issue: Doctors use VR to try to reduce ICU delirium

Researchers at Indiana University and the Regenstrief Institute are measuring whether a virtual walk on the beach could help prevent cognitive issues faced by patients who spend time on a mechanical ventilation machine in the intensive care unit.

2018 Innovation Issue: Virtual reality lets Rolls-Royce trainees do more

A VR headset allows a trainee to slide the engine out of the back of a helicopter, pull apart the engine’s dozens of components and examine them—all without interacting with the real thing.

2018 Innovation Issue Q&A: Expert says blockchain isn't for everyone

Hong Wan, director of the Purdue Blockchain Lab, is researching the ways the distributed-ledger technology can help industry become more secure and transparent.

2018 Innovation Issue: There’s promise in cryptocurrencies but plenty of skepticism, too

Cryptocurrency might not be coming to a bank near you—yet. But bitcoin ATMs are springing up across central Indiana and the nation, and some tech leaders say that, within a decade, cryptocurrency could be more life-altering than the internet.

2018 Innovation Issue: Mammoth IU research effort tackles state's thorniest problems

The Grand Challenges program has set aside $300 million for projects designed to solve “major and large-scale problems facing humanity” that can be addressed only by multidisciplinary research teams.

2018 Innovation Issue: Building an innovation team from the ground up

Human resources and benefits company FirstPerson regularly sends workers to Chicago; Silicon Valley; Austin, Texas; and other far-flung tech hubs to pick up new skills and broaden their thinking.

2018 Innovation Issue: What happens when symphony conducts a leadership seminar?

Participants in a unique Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra program use music to better understand management styles.


2018 Innovation Issue: Huber, Klitzsch & Kloth talk Indy Achieves

Indy Achieves seeks to increase the portion of central Indiana adults with a post-secondary credential to 65 percent and eliminate pervasive attainment gaps by 2027.

2018 Innovation Issue: Sam Julka offers six ways workplaces can spur creativity

Employees have to be comfortable believing they can be and are creative.

2018 Innovation Issue: Appirio's Jimerson says tech can influence diversity, inclusion

As a company that leverages the cloud to create better worker and customer experiences, Appirio offers a unique opportunity to elevate the way technology is used to mitigate diversity and inclusion challenges.

2018 Innovation Issue: Centric's Jason Williams says 'soft' innovation skills matter

A growing number of industry leaders agree that simply an understanding, not a mastery, of technical skills will be necessary to compete in the future.

2018 Innovation Issue: Reynolds & Kohlstrand on what blockchain means for the practice of law

Blockchain might fundamentally change the way documents are verified and the way contracts are negotiated, executed and enforced.

2018 Innovation Issue: Mike Pellegrino recommends sometimes ignoring expert advice

Many successful entrepreneurs provided good advice early in my career, but I found a surprising number provided absolutely poor advice.

2018 Innovation Issue: John Wechsler says Indiana can be the crossroads of IoT innovation

Our state’s key industries—manufacturing, agriculture and logistics—face imminent disruption from internet-connected devices, referred to collectively as the internet of things.

In Brief

Hogsett unveils plan to get more Indy students to enroll in college—and finish

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett on Tuesday plan to roll out an initiative called Indy Achieves, which will support students across Indianapolis’ 11 school districts.

Indianapolis 500 suffers weakest TV ratings in years

The overnight rating for Sunday’s live broadcast was 3.4, which equates to 3.74 million households, according to New York-based Nielsen Media Research. That’s the lowest since Nielsen started tabulating overnight ratings in 2003.

Indiana consumer agency recommends state reject IPL rate increase

In a sharp rebuke, the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor said IPL's $96.7 million rate increase is unjustified. It is recommending a much smaller increase.

Former Anthem fraud investigator charged in $20M billing operation

Authorities say the former longtime Anthem investigator conspired with four others to help clinics submit false claims to the Indianapolis-based insurer for procedures not covered by insurance.

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