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After decades-long wait, downtown site snags large project

Boston-based Charles Street Investment Partners LLC has filed plans with the city to construct a $15 million, seven-story apartment-and-retail project at Pennsylvania and Vermont streets.

Harrison Center evolves into arts hub

Unlike many other galleries that empty out on non-opening days, the Delaware Street arts hub is a constant whir of activity.

Public health officials applaud needle-exchange programs, but critics remain

As Marion County appears poised to launch a similar syringe-exchange program, public health officials point to a growing list of reports and studies they say proves such programs are a worthwhile investment.

Top Stories

State Road 37 revamp still a year away, but prep work has begun

The $124 million project will turn the highway into a freeway from 126th to 146th streets.

Not-for-profits weather surge in turnover of top execs

Local organizations have recently seen a spike in leadership turnover, with at least 80 organizations advertising for a new CEO, executive director or president since the beginning of 2017.

Civic leaders launch push to meld transit, technology

The Central Indiana Personal Mobility Network is in its early stages. But the general idea is to use technology, including a smartphone app and other tools, to make it easier for people to use IndyGo and other local transportation options, including Blue Indy electric-car sharing, Indiana Pacers Bikeshare, Uber, and Lyft.

IU med school to launch breast-cancer research center with $2.5M Vera Bradley gift

The center, to be called the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research, will focus on tough-to-treat forms of the disease, including triple-negative breast cancer.

Path to $1.6 billion acquisition by Lilly full of twists and turns

At one point this spring, Lilly and three other companies were simultaneously angling to buy AMRO BioSciences.

Q&A: Cafe owner Maria Bertram offers jobs to women in need

Maria Bertram, an engineer by training, gave up a career at Eli Lilly and Co. to help revive Indianapolis' Englewood neighborhood.


Teachers' frustration extends well beyond pay, but would they walk out?

Teachers say that, beyond compensation issues, they are grappling with inadequate school funding, a lack of respect from some parents and community members, and increased school-safety concerns.

Manufacturer of super-fast car moves onto Purdue campus

British carmaker Keating Supercars plans to produce the latest generation of its car, the Viperia Berus, on the West Lafayette campus. The car can travel more than 240 mph and is anticipated to sell for $180,000 to $250,000.

Ivy Tech Foundation lauded for fundraising

Ivy Tech raised $16.4 million in 2017, exceeding the No. 2 community college fundraiser by 43 percent, according to a survey.

Study finds that generic drugs suffer more recalls

Researchers from three universities, including Indiana University, have found that price competition in the generic drug market might be putting more patients at health risk due to a higher number of manufacturing-related product recalls.

STEM group to dole out millions in grants

The grants will increase access to hands-on computer science education for Indiana teachers and students and cover program fees and teacher professional development.

IPS parents graduate from activism program

The program, Stand University for Parents, helps parents take an “active role in helping their child’s struggling schools,” according to Stand for Children, an Oregon-based education-advocacy group.


EDITORIAL: Allow ailing IPS to cash in on Broad Ripple property

Developers are salivating over the 16-acre property and gearing up to offer millions of dollars to buy it.

MICKEY MAURER: Puzzle, OneAmerica signboard celebrate joys of wordplay

The quips at the insurance company's downtown headquarters are a tradition worthy of a crossword.

JONATHAN COFFIN: What Indiana companies can learn from Starbucks

An incident of this magnitude can expose an acute conflict between who you say you are and who you appear to be.

Wolfla & Kelley: Businesses should revolt against M&A lawsuit extortion

Most merger announcements are followed by shareholder legal action meant to hold deals hostage.

KRISTEN COOPER: Time to step up and invest in women-owned startups

We have some wildly smart women founders based here in Indianapolis who are creatively solving some big problems. You should get to know them.

KIM: NHL coaches and investors often focus on wrong ‘risk’

Both hockey coaches and investors need to accept higher volatility in trying to turn probable losses into possible wins.

BOHANON & CUROTT: Economic impact numbers often tell only half the story

The problem with the economic impact studies is, they report revenue but not costs.

LETTER: Income gap will always be with us

How do we change things? That’s the question NO ONE can answer.

LETTER: When silence is deafening, speak up

Mickey Maurer does an excellent job highlighting the indifferent response from various anti-hate organizations and individuals who provide Louis Farrakhan a free pass to espouse anti-Semitism in their name.

In Brief

Canal park finally gets go-ahead after Colts close fundraising gap

Construction is set to start this month on the long-awaited playground along downtown's Central Canal after a needed boost from the Indianapolis Colts Foundation.

Athenaeum president to leave post at 124-year-old landmark, travel globe

After 11 years in charge of preserving and reinvigorating the landmark of local German culture, Cassie Stockcamp plans to decamp for Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

Dual-branded Hyatt hotel planned for The Yard at Fishers

Plans for the six-story hotel in the expansive, $110 million Yard project will be reviewed Tuesday by city officials.

Oliver Luck leaving NCAA to become XFL commissioner

Former NFL quarterback Oliver Luck—the father of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck—will oversee the XFL, the second edition of professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon's football league.

Industrial-automation firm to open Whitestown warehouse, hire hundreds

A Fortune 500 company will invest $16.4 million in Boone County as it shutters warehouses in Illinois and Tennessee and consolidates those functions here.


MICHAEL LEPPERT: School shootings and a slow fall down the stairs

In Noblesville, it was finally our turn. A student, for whatever reason, took a gun into a classroom and started firing.

CHRISTINA HALE: Changes in the home influence school safety

These days, it is nearly impossible to know when our children are filling their minds with hate and dark propaganda.

JIM SHELLA: Donald Trump might change use of anonymous sources

Not all anonymous sources share their information in sinister conversations in back hallways.

SHARIQ SIDDIQUI: Education reformers lose sight of humanity

Have we considered that education can be not only utilitarian but also transformative? Transformative not in terms of the economic benefits it can produce, but in the way it can lead to meaningful lives and a better world.

MARSHAWN WOLLEY: We’re facing a crisis in our criminal justice system

We can’t remember the last time a police officer was prosecuted and convicted for killing a black person while on duty in Marion County.

DEBORAH DANIELS: Response to merit board showcases city’s strength

Strong opinions were expressed, and calls were made for immediate changes in the merit board, but we did not experience violence.

RANDALL SHEPARD: Elections no longer a shared experience

Complaining about elections has long been a national pastime, but American attitudes about the experience have recently featured far more criticism and divisiveness.

MARY BETH SCHNEIDER: Tweeting can be hazardous to your health

At its best, the social media site lets you share news at the speed of light, making it a favorite of journalists and politicians. At its worst, it lets you share at the speed of light the stupidest, meanest thought that ever entered your head.

ABDUL-HAKIM SHABAZZ: ‘Roseanne’ the show was better than its namesake

I thought "Roseanne" showed “Trump supporters” in a manner that was fair. Contrary to popular belief, not all people who support Donald Trump are racists.

JENNIFER WAGNER: IPL rate-hike critics show power of banding together

I assumed it was a done deal because, well, the monopoly always wins.

ANDREW IRELAND: Leave data privacy to market forces

As with so many cases, even if politically and practically feasible, well-intended regulations will do more harm than good.

MEGAN ROBERTSON: Pride, progress but more work to do

Society is moving forward but it will never fully accept any minority group.

RILEY PARR: Where are today’s conservative intellectuals?

If nobody takes over the difficult and sometimes thankless task of making the case for how conservatism’s core principles apply to new situations, how can the philosophy continue to be a force that fights for individual liberty and opportunity regardless of one’s starting place in life?


MIKE LOPRESTI: 500 loyalty impressive, but so are these shows of devotion

From iconic venues to new ones, sell-out crowds are part of the DNA for some teams, events.

Area parks offer far more than just hiking this summer

An outdoor trek in central Indiana doesn’t have to just mean a walk in the park. There’s far more to try at outdoor areas than just trail traversing or taking a dip in a public pool.

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