Indianapolis Business Journal - December 14-20

Indianapolis Business Journal - December 14-20 - 2018


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Pacers rethinking fieldhouse fan experience

The $200 million in upgrades to the Atlanta Hawks' arena might provide hints as to what Pacers Sports & Entertainment is seeking in hush-hush negotiations with the Capital Improvement Board.

Billboard proposal riles neighbors, sign firms

Digital billboards seem poised to make an official entrance in Marion County soon—but almost no one, including the sign industry, is happy about it.

In major deal with Boeing, Rolls-Royce to make engines for new unmanned Navy aircraft

Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis has been selected to build the jet engine to power the revolutionary MQ-25 Stingray.

Top Stories

Nursing homes start facing pinch of penalties for hospital readmissions

The penalties will be as much as 2 percent of Medicare reimbursements, and could be worth millions of dollars to large nursing-home chains with locations spread across Indiana and the nation.

Shareholders of Steak n Shake’s parent wrapping up brutally bad year

The value of Biglari Holdings shares have slid since the company at Sardar Biglari's behest adopted a dual-class stock structure in May.

Indianapolis-based Contour Hardening has new leader, huge growth plans

The small manufacturer in the niche metal heat-treating industry has a new CEO, a new outlook and plans to more than triple annual revenue in five years.

Q&A with Marie Maher, founder of Synapse Sitters

Synapse Sitters pairs caregivers experienced working with children who have special needs with parents who need them.

Circle City Industrial Complex lands big loan for updates

The old industrial building, which has about 130 tenants, has been in redevelopment mode since 2015.

Six arrested in 2011 killing of former Indianapolis banker

Federal authorities announced Wednesday that they have solved the high-profile orchestrated killing of a former Indiana banking executive who was shot to death more than seven years ago while driving home from work.

Scotty's Brewhouse to close four locations as part of bankruptcy

The parent of Scotty's Brewhouse filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection late Tuesday in Indianapolis. It plans to shut down four of its 17 locations, including two local restaurants.

Report: USOC, others failed to act in response to concerns about Nassar

An independent report details a toxic pattern of bureaucratic paralysis among U.S. Olympic Committee leaders who reacted slowly, if at all, after they knew former doctor Larry Nassar was suspected of molesting young gymnasts.

State incentives help keep FFA convention in Indianapolis through 2031

Under an agreement with the state, FFA will receive $500,000 annually over the seven-year extension, which will help pay for convention-related expenses.

Cummins CEO: U.S. should take incremental steps to resolve trade tensions

Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger says a practical, targeted approach will work better than "carpet-bombing" China with escalating tariffs.


New members, new leaders could spice up 2019 legislative session

When the Indiana General Assembly convenes for the 2019 session on Thursday, it will have 21 new faces—16 in the House and five in the Senate—a significant amount of turnover for a body of 150 lawmakers.


EDITORIAL: Legislature should include gender identity in hate-crimes law

But opposition to that particular provision should not derail passage of the legislation.

GREG MORRIS: IBJ has big plans for readers in 2019

New digital offerings and expanded coverage are in the works as we wrap up the year.

U.S. House carbon proposal deserves support

Sandy Sasso: The Women’s March has an anti-Semitism problem

I have been asked whether I will participate this year. While I pledge to continue to help enhance women’s power, I regret that I cannot attend this year’s Women’s March without abdicating my self-respect as a Jewish woman.

Kristen Cooper: First-time entrepreneurs often make this costly mistake

When you take the time to understand how other people perceive a problem, you will validate some of your own assumptions and disprove others.

HAHN: Be charitable this time of year, but do so wisely

Sort through and prioritize multiple requests you might receive to make sure your money is going where it will make the most impact.

BOHANON & CUROTT: Increasing life spans change millennials’ behavior

If 60 is a venerable old age—then one had better get going early on. However, when 60 is more like midlife, it makes sense to waste around until age 30.

Letter: State GOP should value all Hoosiers

The defeat of Republican State Sen. Mike Delph was not only about the demographics in his district. The vote was also about his RFRA stand and the voters’ opposition to his anti-equality platform.

In Brief

Spirit Airlines to launch operations at Indianapolis International

Fast-growing national low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines plans to begin operations in Indianapolis next year, beginning with nonstop flights to and from three destinations.

Carmel-based real estate firm acquires Pan Am Tower

Lauth Group bought the downtown building from longtime owner Coastal Partners LLC. It plans to renovate portions of the tower.

Purdue board boosts possible bonus pay for Daniels

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels will be eligible for nearly $280,000 in bonus pay and a $250,000 retention payment for this school year.

'Bob & Tom' signs programming extension with 13 iHeartMedia stations

“The Bob & Tom Show” has aired weekday mornings on the iHeartMedia stations involved in the deal for at least 15 years.

Indianapolis manufacturer planning move to Westfield

Indianapolis-based metal additive manufacturer 3rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing has plans to move into a building in Westfield that is six times larger than its current facility.


Eric Bassler: Central time would boost Hoosiers’ health, well-being

Hoosiers should live in a state that values health and well-being, promotes strong commerce and protects our youngest citizens.

Kevin Brinegar: Another time debate is not time well spent

For Indiana, a switch from the Eastern time zone would turn our daylight saving time choice to daylight losing time.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz: ’Tis the season to be offended

You can’t judge a 1944 song using 2018 standards.

Curt Smith: Sen. Young leads innovation in social services

The least fortunate among us will get better help and government will at a minimum pay for more effective services.

Deborah Daniels: Bush’s death marks the end of historic era

The 41st president was likely better prepared to serve as president of the United States than any president before or after his tenure.

Jim Shella: George Bush, a guy who did things his own way

I can’t imagine any other politician handling it that way.

Marshawn Wolley: Leaders must look long term when tackling problems

Bush reminds us that leadership isn’t always doing the people’s will; sometimes it’s helping us find our better selves.

Richard Feldman: The collateral damage of the war on opioids

Patients with legitimate chronic pain are commonly weaned down on dosage … or told they will no longer receive opioids.

Christina Hale: Lawmakers should buckle down, do the people’s work

It doesn’t take much sweat to work a little harder, hear a few extra bills and put in a few more hours of research and discussion.

Michael Leppert: ‘Sore loser’ sessions illustrate struggle to let power go

Even Republican voters should be disgusted, or at a minimum, turned off by strategies like these.

Bill Oesterle: The shifting politics of the suburbs

The real growth areas of the state are the suburbs. Until 2016, this was a trend that overwhelmingly benefited Republicans. That may have changed.

Riley Parr: Millennials are nabbing opportunities in politics

In spite of general attitudes about my generation, some millennials are taking matters into their own hands—and doing it quite well.

Jennifer Wagner: Tradition grounds nation’s otherwise chaotic politics

The bedrock of democracy is strong, and so are we, even when it doesn’t always feel like the ground beneath us is a solid as it used to be.

Tom LoBianco: What’s a party to do after a political wave?

Among the House Republicans … there seems to have been little introspection, despite losing the House again.

Glenda Ritz: Elected educators plan to focus on public schools

But fighting for what is right for our children in public education is so important that the fight is worth it.


MIKE LOPRESTI: From Cheez-Its to cherry juice, bowl games come in variety of flavors

The proliferation of post-season college football contests crowns a champ: consumerism.

Looking back at the best films of 2018

This year, a wide range of movies rose above the average fare.

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